In Imran Khan’s script, Royals are poisoned and Commoners are raped

In Imran Khan’s script, Royals are poisoned and Commoners are raped

Islamabad, Pakistan: Former prime minister Imran Khan built up a narrative when he was sitting in his Lahore residence of Zaman Park that he did not want to go to jail because he would be poisoned and killed. Since he and his wife are in jail, Imran Khan constantly claims that the lives of the couple are in danger and they will be victims of poison like many Royal Couples of European history.

Recently his wife Bushra Bibi claimed that jail authorities at her Banigala residence cum sub-jail are mixing toilet cleaner “Harpic” in her honey. This could be one of the most popular media campaigns of UK-based Reckitt and Sons (now Reckitt) that produces “Harpic” might have had before. The toilet cleaning products marketed under the brand name include liquids, tablets, wipes, brush systems, toilet rim blocks, and in-cistern blocks.


Imran Khan has always expressed fears of being poisoned by the state and now he has been joined by his wife also. Meanwhile, Imran Khan had been claiming in the past that his fellows like Dr. Shebaz Gill, Azam Swati, and many like them had been raped by state authorities when they were under arrest. Like any saga of European history, he chooses “poison” for himself and his family while “rape” for his supporters and followers. Several PTI’s female followers who were jailed in the May 9 Mutiny cases had to clarify that they were not raped when their part (PTI) launched a media campaign, claiming their female members were raped by the authorities.

Royals in human history always feared being poisoned, which was why every royal family had “Food Tasters” who used to eat food (food testing) prepared for royals before the food was served to the royal family. The most popular case of such events in European history is the saga of  Henry VIII whose food taster was killed, but Henry himself survived. The poisoner got a job in the kitchen and put the poison in the gravy which was served with the beef, but Henry’s favorite food was chicken and he ate very little of the meat, so took very little of the poison. The poisoner was tortured for information and claimed to be working for the Roman Catholic authorities. Historians believe that this event was created to purge Roman Catholic authorities and nobody from Roman Catholic authorities was involved in any attempt to kill the King but the King planned the scene to defame Roman Catholic authorities. This script is still popular and Imran Khan is performing the scene in the 21st century.

Like any King, Imran Khan prefers to use allegations of being under threat of being poisoned while he chooses “rape” for those who are not Royal. The question is if authorities could rape his fellows like Azam Swati, Dr Shebaz Gill, and many more who were arrested then why do authorities not rape Imran Khan and his wife? It is established that Imran Khan would never level charges of rape for himself and his wife because they are Royal and getting raped is disgracing so he cannot use this diction for his family because the disgracing factor is only for his followers.

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