Imran Khan’s skill to manipulate event and the failure of the state to contest his lies

DND Thought CenterImran Khan’s skill to manipulate event and the failure of the state...

Islamabad, Pakistan: Manipulation of events and spreading lies about situations are art, and not everybody can be as skillful and successful as some people who are born with this talent. Imran Khan is one of the most charismatic liars of contemporary human history.

In his interview with CNN Imran Khan said there was a Pakistan Army raid on his Lahore residence. In his interview with Aljazeera Imran Khan said that he was abducted by the army from Islamabad High Court. This is the diction he always uses by calling his arrest an abduction and calling Rangers as Army. This is his style of public discourse and he would continue to lie to the world but the responsibility lies on the government to tell the world what is truth. Khan is portraying the world that he is a liberal, rightful, and honest person who is fighting against anti-democratic elements.

The response of foreign media favoring Imran Khan indicates that the government is still shy, to tell the truth to the world that Imran Khan is neither liberal nor Democrat rather he is the person who rehabilitated Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and injected a new life in TTP by resettling TTP soldiers along with their families in Pakistan from Afghanistan. He is constantly radicalizing the youth of the country by injecting extremism and he had been taking oaths from his cult followers on the holy Quran to fight against everybody who will come in the way of his movement for liberation from the American influence over Pakistani politics. At the same time, he is portraying himself as a liberal Democrat although he openly abuses democracy; calling the democratic system the mother of all ills in Pakistan.

In this video, the boy is saying that he will give his life for Imran Khan because he is a great Muslim leader, and while citing a reference from Holy Quran the young boy adds that he is ready for Jihad.

“Do not be shocked when wicked people do wicked things”

He claims that he is an honest and straightforward person while his ex-girlfriend died while demanding justice from him for accepting his daughter from her who is still an undeclared child of Imran Khan. Sita White also claimed before her death that Imran Khan asked him for an abortion when he came to know that she was pregnant with a baby girl. She claimed she rejected Khan’s advice. According to a story in the Associated Press, the Los Angles verdict was delivered after Imran Khan’s ex-girlfriend Sita White had filed a paternity suit against Imran. Sita, daughter of late billionaire Lord White of Hull, pleaded in her petition that the blood tests had proved that Imran Khan was the father of her daughter.

“It is sheer madness to expect the bad to do no wrong; for that is to wish for the impossible” — Lucius Seneca –a Roman Stoic philosopher.

In her court deposition, Sita alleged that Khan’s response, upon learning that it was a girl, was of regret and distress, asserting that the child would not be able to play Cricket. Before the Log Angeles Court verdict, Imran Khan had rejected Sita White’s claim as a white lie, stating: “I have never been involved in any affair of any sort with the lady”. But the fact remains that Sita White, who lived in Beverly Hills, had a relationship with Imran Khan in 1987-88. According to Sita’s claim, when they had first met again in Los Angeles on October 2, 1991, she told Imran Khan that she wanted to have his baby, to which he had happily agreed. However, according to Sita, as it transpired that the child was a girl, Imran Khan had urged her to have an abortion, but she refused to do so. Tyrian Jade was born on June 15, 1992, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, yet Imran Khan had disowned her.

Ref: AP Video Report on Los Angeles Court Verdict

What happened on May 9, 2023, was a terrible situation in Pakistan when on his direct instructions military installations, monuments of martyrs, and historic buildings were ransacked and burnt but he claims that this was not his followers but state agencies that were involved in vandalism.

Imran Khan claimed that people who attacked state buildings were not PTI followers but those who were killed or injured by police to control the mob outside and inside such places were PTI followers and PTI is raising funds for their families. Can anybody resolve this riddle?

He claims that 25 people were killed and more than 700 injured while attacking state buildings but he is not sharing any list of dead and injured while independent media and government circles are giving the figure of 9 dead and 76 injured. Now he has started fundraising through the Pakistan-American community and collected $534,000 but has not shared a list of victims. It is yet to understand that at first instance he claimed that people who attacked state buildings were not PTI followers but those who were killed or injured by police to control the mob outside and inside such places were PTI followers and PTI is raising funds for their families. Can anybody resolve this riddle?

PTI second-tier leadership is strongly claiming that some unknown persons who were not PTI workers were involved in vandalism and former prime minister Imran Khan claimed that these unknown persons were from intelligence agencies.



Bestow your favors on the good; for a goodly treasury is a store of gratitude laid up in the heart of an honest man. If you benefit bad men, you will have the same reward as those who feed stray dogs; for these snarls alike at those who give them food and at the passing stranger; and just so base men wrong alike those who help and those who harm them. — Isocrates, Demonicus

His ex-wife Reham Khan leveled serious charges about his alleged low moral life and her book was published in the United Kingdom Khan has yet to contest this book in any court of law. Khan stood unshaken even when his phone-sex audio was leaked and instead of tendering his apology to his followers for his low morality he blamed whistleblowers stating that this was a bad act (of leaking his audio).

The question is if he really a man of low morality, habitual deceiver, liar, and dangerous for the country then why does he have a strong cult following? The answer lies in the question—Cult followers are blind that is why they are called Cult followers.

While citing the philosophical thoughts of Romans, Donald J. Robertson who is a Cognitive psychotherapist and author of “How to Think Like a Roman Emperor” states:

“Beware lest you nurture a snake in your bosom, as the saying goes. Wise persons accept that the world is full of foolish and vicious people so they anticipate potential threats, and get ready in advance to deal with dangerous people”.

Lucius Seneca who was a Roman Stoic philosopher and dramaturge in his letter written to his friend Gaius Lucilius said:

“Even a poisonous snake is safe to handle in cold weather when it is sluggish. Its venom is still there, but inactive. In the same way, there are many people whose cruelty, ambition, or self-indulgence fails to match the most outrageous cases only by the grace of fortune. Just give them the power to do what they want, and you will see: that they want the same things as others do.”

Historians believe that the example of a snake cited by Seneca actually comes from the story of Aesop known as a fable of “The Farmer and the Viper”. The Greek historian Herodotus mentioned Aesop was a storyteller slave who lived in Ancient Greece during the 5th century BCE. The moral of “Farmer and the Viper” is that kindness to evil will be met by betrayal. This moral is the source of the idiom “to nourish a viper in one’s bosom”. The story tells us a farmer who finds a viper freezing in the snow and he picks it up and places it within his coat in a gesture of sympathy to save the snake’s life. The viper, revived by the warmth of the farmer’s body, bites his rescuer, who dies realizing that it is his own fault.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus who was a Stoic philosopher and the Roman emperor (from 161 AD to 180 AD) writes in his dialogues known as “Meditations” that it is sheer madness to expect the bad to do no wrong; for that is to wish for the impossible. But to allow that they should do wrong to others, yet demand that they should do no wrong to yourself is senseless and tyrannical. —


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