Imran Khan wedding Pictures, Imran Khan ties knot with Reham khan at Bani Gala

Imran Khan wedding Pictures, Imran Khan ties knot with Reham khan at Bani Gala54ae6a694b518



The 62 year is happily wed to 41 years old bride after so many controversies. Yes we are talking about Imran Khan and Reham Khan who recently got wed at Bani Gala. Imran Khan and Reham khan were having an affair for quite a few months and some rumors also suggest that they already got married 2 months ago.

Officially Imran Khan and Reham Khan tied knot today and the news was spread like wild jungle fire in international media and local meida of Pakistan. There are some reports which also suggests that Reham khan has started bragging about getting a position in PTI. PTI Chairman Imran Khan has not said anything about this issue but reliable sources says that pretty soon we will see Reham khan as part of PTI.

Both couple were having good time before the wedding but it was leaked out pretty soon even Jemima Khan tweeted a month back that she is going to change her name from Khan to Goldsmith. Imran’s family has told Jemima that she will always be their first lady but on the other hand Imran Khan’s children have refused to accept this marriage while Children of Reham Khan are quite about this issue. Reham Khan is also mother of three and got divorced long ago.

However you can check out the wedding pictures of newly wed couple Imran Khan and Reham Khan. We wish luck to the newly wed couple and hope that they dont end up like Imran ended up with Jemima Khan.