Imran Khan vs Nawaz Sharif Toshakhana Gifts

NationalImran Khan vs Nawaz Sharif Toshakhana Gifts

By Mati Ullah Khan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The two former Prime Ministers Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan retained expensive gifts from Toshakhana free of cost as well as purchased wrist watches among other precious items after paying nominal amount.Imran Khan vs Nawaz Sharif Toshakhana GiftsThe former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif along with his family received at least 67 Toshakhana gifts including a bulletproof Mercedes Benz (in 2008) and wrist watches during his four-year tenure from 2013 to 2017 as the Chief Executive of the Country.


The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Supremo Nawaz Sharif, his wife Kulsoom Nawaz, and daughter Maryam Nawaz retained at least 27 gifts from Toshakhana for free while purchased at least 33 gifts including a Wrist Watch (Rolex) by his son Hussain Nawaz after paying Rs 186,000 against the assessed value of Rs 940,000.

It’s worth noting that Toshakhana gifts received by Nawaz Sharif during his previous two tenures as the prime minister in 90s are not known as yet as the federal government hasn’t still officially unveiled the Toshakhana record prior to 2002.

Whereas the former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi received at least 113 gifts from Toshakhana including wrist watches – for which he is also facing a trial in the Court – retained at least 46 of them free of cost, purchased about 14 gifts, and deposited 45 gifts in Toshakhana.

Imran Khan vs Nawaz Sharif Toshakhana Gifts

Total Received Gifts
Retained Free of Cost
Retained Wrist Watches
Deposited in Toshakhana
Imran Khan1134615744
Nawaz Sharif672733114

Imran Khan vs Nawaz Sharif Toshakhana GiftsNawaz Sharif & family

Gifts purchased by Nawaz Sharif from Toshakhana;

Detail of Gifts
Assessed Value
Retention Cost
Mercedes Benz Car20-04-2008Rs 4,255,919Rs 636,888
(a) 1 Carpet

(b) 1 Hand Made Herati Bottle with 4 Glasses decorated with Silver

12-11-2013(a) Rs 40,000

(b) Rs 3,500

Rs 6,700
(a) 1 Decoration Piece

(b) 1 Holy Quran

12-11-2013(a) Rs 20,000

(b) NCV


Rs 2,000

(a) 1 Rolex Wrist Watch Oyster Perpetual N Series 0835D018

(b) 1 Pair of Cufflinks with Pen Cartier

(c) 4 Commemorative Coins of the Central Bank of Kuwait

12-11-2013(a) Rs 1,185,000

(b) Rs 25,000

(c) Rs 15,000

Rs 243,000
1 Wrist Watch “Bovet 1822” (No.011457)(automatic)20-03-2014Rs 750,000Rs 148,000
1 Carpet (6’x9’)28-11-2014Rs 40,000Displayed at PM house
(a) Pair of Lump Stand

(b) 2 Books

01-12-2014(a) Rs 8,000

(b) NCV

(a) Pair of Lump Stand display at Army Museum

(b) 2 Books transferred to National Library of Pakistan

1 Scenery (Duly Framed)01-12-2014Rs 3,000Deposited in Toshakhana
(a) 1 Book

(b) 1 Wall Hanging

01-12-2014(a) NCV

(b) Rs 2,000

(a) 1 Book transferred to National Library of Pakistan

(b) 1 Wall Hanging deposited in Toshakhana

1 Tea Set (9 Pcs)01-12-2014Rs 13,500Auctioned for Rs 18,700
(a) 1 Wrist Watch (PIAGET No.1124198-P10771)

(b) 1 Box containing 2 Bottles of Perfume & 1 Box of Bakhoor (i.e. 1kg Oud Wood approx.)

12-01-2015(a) Rs 1,050,000

(b) Rs160,000

Rs 240,000
a) 1 Model of Boat

b) 1 Sword

12-01-2015(a) Rs 16,000

(b) Rs 50,000

Gifts displayed at PM House
1 Table Clock30-03-2015Rs 70,000Displayed at PM Office
1 Carpet (5*8.5)25-05-2015Rs 40,000Rs 6,000
1 Bow & Arrow (Teer Kaman)02-06-2015Rs 10,000Auctioned for Rs 15,150
1 Coal Samovar Set13-11-2015Rs 15,000Rs 1,000
1 Painting (duly framed)16-12-2015Rs 40,000Rs 6,000
(a) 1 Wrist Watch (Christopher Claret)

(b) 1 Pen

(c) 1 Ring

(d) Pair of Cufflinks

(e) 1 Tasbih

13-01-2016(a) Rs 2,000,000

(b) Rs 200,000

(c) Rs 19,578,375

(d) Rs 16,089,484

(e) Rs 250,000

Rs 7,621,572
a) 1 Wrist Watch (Dela Cour)

(b) 1 Pen

(c) 1 Ring (Gold & Diamond)

(d) Pair of Cufflink (Gold & Diamond)

(e) 1 Tasbih (Gold & Diamond)

13-02-2016(a) Rs 3,200,000

(b) Rs 50,000

(c) Rs 8,000,000

(d) Rs 5,000,000

(e) Rs 200,000

Rs 3,288,000
1 Model (Masjid/Mosque)18-02-2016Rs 15,000Rs 1,000
1 Carpet (Turkmenistan)18-03-2016Rs 38,000Rs 5,600
(a) 1 Quran Majeed

(b) 1 Sword (Golden)

(c) 1 Tasbih

(d) 1 Pen (Gold)

(e) 1 Table Clock (Metthew Norman)

(f) Oud (Wooden)

(g) 1 Wrist Watch (Bovet)

(h) Pair of Cufflinks

(i) 1 Pen

(j) 1 Ring

22-03-2016(a) NCV

(b) Rs 394,000

(c) Rs 75,360

(d) Rs 24,000

(e) Rs 85,000

(f) Rs 209,000

(g) Rs 1,950,000

(h) Rs 394,300

(i) Rs 19,000

(j) Rs 214,800

Total: Rs 3,365,460

Rs 671,092
(a) 1 Wrist Watch (Rolex) Ladies

(b) 1 Wrist Watch (Rolex) Gents

(c) 6 bottles of Perfume

(d) Wood of Agarwood (Oud Wood)

28-10-2016(a) Rs 1,200,000

(b) Rs 850,000

(c) Rs 270,000

(d) Rs 35,000

Total: Rs 2,355,000

Rs 469,000
a) 1 Necklace (Diamond)

b) 1 Table Watch

24-03-2017a) Rs 1,007,800

b) Rs 40,000

Rs 207,560
1 Wrist Watch (Rolex) (No. G840532)26-05-2017Rs 4,050,000Rs 808,000

Gifts purchased by Kulsoom Nawaz from Toshakhana;

Detail of Gifts
Assessed Value
Retention Cost
1 Wrist Watch (Ladies) Chopard (No.1793276-8509)20-03-2014Rs 380,000Rs 74,000
1 Shawl01-12-2014Rs 5,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Saree01-12-2014Rs 5,500Deposited in Toshakhana
(a) Large Gold Necklace (21kt) approx.

(b) 1 Gold (21Kt) and Pearl Bracelet (approx).

09-01-2015(a) Rs 465,660

(b) Rs 153,320

Rs 121,796
(a) 1 Necklace (Gold)

(b) 1 Necklace (Pearl)

12-01-2015(a) Rs 135,320

(b) Rs 20,000

Rs 29,064
1 Necklace, Pearl30-03-2015Rs 145,000Rs 27,000
(a) 1 Flower Vase

(b) 2 Audio CDs

22-05-2015(a) Rs 15,000

(b) NCV

Rs 1,000
Jewelry Set (5 pcs) (Silver)25-05-2015Rs 27,068Rs 3,414
(a) 1 Jewelry Box

(b) 1 Set of Flaxen Table Linen

13-11-2015(a) Rs 3,500

(b) Rs 8,000

Rs 300
(a) 1 Bracelet

(b) 1 Necklace & Ear Ring

13-01-2016(a) Rs 12,701,000

(b) Rs 41,624,000

Rs 10,863,000
1 Decoration Piece (Silver)13-02-2016Rs 200,000Rs 38,000
(a) 1 Necklace (Gold)

(b) 1 Ring (Gold)

18-02-2016(a) Rs 430,600

(b) Rs 154,000

Rs 114,920
(a) 1 Jewelry Set

(b) 1 Hand Bag

(c) 1 Shawl

18-03-2016(a) Rs 90,000

(b) Rs 1,500

(c) Rs 2,500

Total: Rs 94,000

Rs 16,800
a) 1 Necklace

b) Ear Tops

09-03-2017a) Rs 117,500

b) Rs 114,400

Rs 44,380

Gifts purchased by Hussain Nawaz from Toshakhana;

Detail of Gifts
Assessed Value
Retention Cost
A Box containing 1 Wrist Watch (Rolex) (USX90093) and a Pair of Cufflinks09-03-2017Rs 940,000Rs 186,000

Gifts retained by Nawaz Sharif from Toshakhana Free of Cost;

Detail of Gifts
Assessed Value
1 Flower Vase12-11-2013Rs 8,000
1 Box (Glass)12-11-2013Rs 6,000
(a) 1 Decoration Piece (Ceramic Horse)

(b) 1 Decoration Piece (Stamp)

22-05-2015(a) Rs 10,000

(b) NCV

1 box of Pineapple (Perishable)22-07-2015Perishable (NCV)
1 Decoration Piece30-07-2015Rs 10,000
1 Shawl18-08-2015Rs 9,000
1 Globe Model18-08-2015NCV
1 Painting duly framed18-08-2015Rs 10,000
1 Flower Vase18-08-2015Rs 8,000
(a) 1 Wooden Art Framed

(b) 1 Tractor Model

(c) 1 Photo Frame

18-08-2015(a) NCV

(b) NCV

(c) NCV

1 Gown18-08-2015Rs 6,000
1 Tea Set + Ice

Cream Set (39 pcs)

13-11-2015Rs 8,000
1 Flower Vase21-12-2015Rs 7,000
1 Marble Bowl28-01-2016Rs 10,000
1 Model of Traditional Boat (Wooden) (Small)12-02-2016Rs 9,500
1 Carpet (Small)07-03-2016Rs 9,500
1 Carpet (3×5) approx28-03-2016Rs 10,000
1 model of Boat (Brick Negrier Ouragan – 1830)20-04-2016Rs 8,000

Gifts retained by Kulsoom Nawaz from Toshakhana Free of Cost;

Detail of Gifts


Assessed Value

1 Qehwa Set (10 pcs)12-11-2013Rs 4,000
1 Bowl with Sweets12-11-2013Rs 6,500
Pair of Candle Stand with Candle12-11-2013NCV
Jewelry Set (4 pcs) (Silver)25-05-2015Rs 5,512
1 Necklace (Silver)25-05-2015Rs 7,863
1 Box of Pineapple (Perishable)22-07-2015NCV
1 Box of Pineapple (Perishable)30-07-2015NCV
Wall Hanging (Chinese Painting)21-12-2015Rs 25,000

Gift retained by Maryam Nawaz from Toshakhana Free of Cost;

Detail of Gift
Assessed Value
1 Box of Pineapple (Perishable)22-07-2015NCV

Imran Khan vs Nawaz Sharif Toshakhana GiftsImran Khan & his wife

Gifts purchased by Imran Khan from Toshakhana;

Detail of Gifts
Assessed Value
Retention Cost
One Silk Carpet03-09-2018Rs 300,000Gift displayed at PM House
a) (1 Wrist Watch (Graff

No.AU750) 18k Gold + Dimond

b) (Pair of Cufflinks

c) 1 Pen

d) 1 Ring

24-09-2018a) Rs 85,000,000

b) Rs 5,670,000

c) Rs 1,500,000

d) Rs 8,750,000

Rs 20,178,000
1 box of Oud Wood, 2 Bottles of Perfume24-09-2018Rs 500,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Wrist Watch (Rolex) (M228206-0036, 43A2G470)01-10-2018Rs 3,800,000Rs 754,000
1 Wrist Watch (Rolex) (M126331-0014, 2G367435)22-10-2018Rs 1,500,000Rs 294,000
a) Photograph (Large)

b) 1 Book

c) 1 Chaddar

d) 1 Parasad

e) Incense Stick

f) 1 packet of Green Cardamom

g) Photograph (Small)

26-10-2018a) Rs 500

b) NCV

c) Rs 400

d) NCV

e) NCV

f) NCV

g) Rs 400

Sr. a) c) & g) Deposited in Toshakhana

Sr. b) Displayed at Cabinet Division Library

Sr. d) e) & ) Wwritten off

1 Carpet08-11-2018Rs 500,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Wall Hanging Scenery08-11-2018Rs 40,000Deposited in Toshakhana
a) 1 Wrist Watch (Rolex)

No.M116710LN-0001) Gent’s

b) 1 Wrist Watch (Rolex)


P5) Ladies

c) 1 I-Phone

d) 2 Gents Suits

e) One Perfume, DOLCE&GABBA

f) 1 Perfume Bvlgari LE Gemme (Ashlemah)

g) 1 Perfume Bvlgari LE Gemme (Onekh)

h) 1 Perfume Ruby (Bound No.9)

i) 1 Violet Samsonite (Gents)

j) 1 Violet Aigner (Ladies)

k) 1 Ball Pen (Mont Blanc)

13-11-2018a) Rs 900,000

b) Rs 400,000

c) Rs 210,000

d) Rs 30,000

e) Rs 35,000

f) Rs 30,000

g) Rs 26,000

h) Rs 40,000

i) Rs 6,000

j) Rs 18,000

k) Rs 28,000

Rs 338,600
1 Model of Mosque (Glass Work)23-11-2018Rs 80,000Deposited in Toshakhana
a) 1 Tepak Sirih

b) 1 Calligraphy Piece

23-11-2018a) Rs 100,000

b) Rs 12,000

Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Qehwa Set18-12-2018Rs 160,000Deposited in Toshakhana
a) 1 Frame

b) 1 Decoration Piece

c) 8 Books

09-01-2019a) Rs 15,000

b) Rs 18,000

c) NCV

Sr. a) & b)

Deposited in Toshakhana

Sr. c) Retained

1 Silk Carpet09-01-2019Rs 140,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Table Clock23-01-2019Rs 500,000Displayed at PM House
1 Kalashinkov (AK-47


12-02-2019Rs 600,000Displayed at PM House
1 Sword20-03-2019Rs 45,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Silk Carpet24-04-2019Rs 85,000Displayed at PM House
1 Huawei Mobile (P30 pro Aurora IMEI No*863196042366411)30-04-2019Rs 90,000Deposited in Toshakhana
One Wooden Locker Box30-04-2019Rs 10,000Deposited in Toshakhana
a) 1 Decoration Piece (Peace Emblem)

b) 1 Decoration Plate

c) 1 Painting (Framed)

30-04-2019a) NCV

b) Rs 30,000

c) Rs 30,000

a) Retained

b) Deposited in Toshakhana

c) Deposited in Toshakhana

1 Box containing Tea Set (8 pcs)29-05-2019Rs 35,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Decoration Piece (Turquoise)17-06-2019Rs 75,000Deposited in Toshakhana
a) 1 Box of Oud Wood

b) 2 Bottles of Attar

c) 1 Tasbeeh

17-06-2019a) Rs 200,000

b) Rs 180,000

c) Rs130,000

Rs 240,000
1 Carpet (10’x13’) approx18-06-2019Rs 50,000Deposited in Toshakhana
a) 1 Decoration Piece

b) 1 Box Containing:

i. 1 Locket with Chain

ii. 1 Pair of Ear Tops

iii. 1 Ring

iv. 1 Ring

v. 1 Bracelet

vi. 1 Bracelet

25-06-2019a) Rs 23,000


i. Rs 269,350

ii. Rs 111,800

iii. (Rs 81,000

iv. Rs 149,400

v. Rs 272,350

vi. Rs 235,500

a) Free of Cost

b) Rs 544,700

1 Carpet07-07-2019Rs 65,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Model of Horse11-09-2019Rs 150,000Gift Displayed at PM House
1 Silk Carpet11-09-2019Rs 130,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Dagger11-09-2019Rs 40,000Displayed at PM House
1 Box containing

1 Wrist Watch Serial No.0687a7072

17-10-2019Rs 1,900,000Rs 935,000
a) 1 Necklace

b) Pair of Ear Rings

c) 1 Bracelet

d) Bottle of Perfume (90ml)

e) Bottle of Perfume (16ml)

f) 1 Suit

g) 1 Box containing 1

Packet of Oud Wood & 4 Bottles of Perfume (Small)

17-10-2019a) Rs 258,500

b) Rs 46,000

c) Rs 87,000

d) Rs 10,000

e) Rs 25000

f) Rs 5,500

g) Rs 70,000

Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Proton Car (X70 Proton Vehicle Model-2019) Chassis No. L6T7742Z4KU05667723-10-2019NAAs per Toshakhana Procedure, placed at the disposal of Central Pool of Cars (CPC)
1 Dagger (Silver) (Omani)23-10-2019Rs 47,000Gift Displayed at PM House
Perfume” Amouage Lyric” (02)

a) 1 for Gents

b) 1 for Ladies

c) 1 Dagger (Silver)

09-01-2020a) Rs 16000

b) Rs 16000

c) Rs 42,000

a) Deposited in Toshakhana

b) Deposited in Toshakhana

c) Dagger displayed at PM house

1 Decoration Piece (Crystal)28-02-2020Rs 40,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Table Clock Hilser for Grant Macdonald03-03-2020Rs 325,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Silk Carpet17-09-2020Rs 400,000Deposited in Toshakhana
a) 1 Wrist Watch Rolex No. E67574v3

b) Pair of Cufflinks

c) 1 Ring

d) Unstitched Cloth

24-09-2020a) Rs 4,408,000

b) Rs 255,000

c) Rs 230,000

d) Rs 7,000

Rs 2,435,000
1 Decoration Piece (Stone)30-09-2020Rs 70,000Deposited in Toshakhana
a) 1 Calligraphy Piece (Stone)

b) 1 Chogha

02-11-2020a) Rs 50,000

b) Rs 10,000

Sr. a) Displayed at PM house

Sr. b) Deposited in Toshakhana

1 Carpet (12 Meter)01-12-2020Rs 175,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Carpet13-1-2021Rs 32,000Rs 1,000
1 Noritake Dinner Set (27 Pieces)4-3-2021Rs 110,000Rs 40,000
a. 1 Noritake Dinner Set (34 Pieces)

b. 1 Pair of Cufflinks

4-3-2021a. Rs 100,000

b. Rs 20,000

Rs 45,000
1 Surahi (Silver)4-3-2021Rs 100,000Displayed at PM House
3 Tables in Oriental Style (Handmade Wood Carving)11-3-2021Rs 45,000Deposited in Toshakhana
a. 1 box containing:

i. Oud Wood

ii. 2 Bottles of Oud

iii. 2 Chogas

b. 1 Box containing:

(i). 3 Packets of Dates

(ii) 3 Bottles of Honey

(iii) 3 Bottles of Olive Oil

(iv) 3 Packets of Coffee

c. 1 Box containing: 1 Book (Craft of Kingdom)

18-5-2021a. (i, ii & iii)

Rs 254,000

b. (i, ii, iii & iv)

Rs 42,000

c. Rs 500

Rs 133,250
1 Table Clock with

2 Candle Stands

04-06-2021Rs 130,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Silk Carpet (Handmade)(330 x 200cm approx) (Uzbekistan)26-07-2021Rs 200,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Canik Pistol TP9 SF Mete-S Marka ve T 647221bv04860

(9x19mm) (Made in Turkey)

17-08-2021Rs 145,000Deposited in Toshakhana
a. 1 box containing:

i) Oud Wood

ii) 2 Bottles of Oud (Oil) (Taif Rose Bride Rate)

iii) 3 Choghas

b. 1 box containing:

i) 6 Bottles of Olive

Oil (500ml Aprox each)

ii) 2 Bags of Khawlani Coffee (10Kg Approx Each)

c. 1 box containing:

i). Dates (Ajwa 05Kg Approx) (along with plate Glass Golden engraved)

ii) 1 Book


i) Rs 250,000

ii) Rs 18,000

(per bottle)

iii) Rs 3,000



i) Rs 24,000

ii) Rs 80,000


i) Rs 17,000

ii) NCV

Rs 193,000
A Flower Vase (White & Blue Colors)14-2-2022Rs 40,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Model of Registan Ensemble (One Heart of Samarkand)15-03-2022Rs 30,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Soft Drink Set (18pcs)16-3-2022Rs 280,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Tea Set (16pcs)16-3-2022Rs 57,000Deposited in Toshakhana
a.1 Pistol (having Magazine & Bullets) (9mm) Duly Framed

b. 1 Decoration Piece (Wolf)

16-3-2022a. Rs 200,000

b. Rs 200,000


Rs 400,000

Sr.No. (a)

Deposited in Toshakhana


Displayed at Prime Minister House

1 Onyx Plate (Augarten Wien)25-03-2022Rs 50,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Shield25-03-2022Rs 12,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Carpet25-03-2022Rs 287,000Deposited in Toshakhana
a. 1 Kehwa Tea Set

b. 1 Coffee Packet

25-03-2022a. Rs 28,500

b. Rs 1,200

Total: Rs 29,700

Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Decoration Piece (Asfour)25-03-2022Rs 12,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Model of Masjid e Aqsa25-03-2022Rs 25,000Deposited in Toshakhana
1 Carpet29-03-2022Rs 13,800Deposited in Toshakhana

Gifts purchased by Bushra Bibi from Toshakhana;

Detail of Gifts
Assessed Value
Retention Cost
a) 1 Necklace

b) 1 Bracelet

c) 1 Ring

d) Pair of Ear Rings

24-09-2020a) Rs 10,970,000

b) Rs 2,430,000

c) Rs 2836,000

d) Rs 1,856,000

Rs 9,031,000
1 Box containing

a. 1 Necklace

b. 1 Pair of Earrings

c. 1 Ring

d. 1 Bracelet

18-05-2021a. Rs 1,359,000

b. Rs 275,000

c. Rs 225,000

d. Rs 4,000,000

Total: Rs 5,859,000

Rs 2,914,500

Gifts retained by Imran Khan free of cost;

Detail of Gifts
Assessed Value
1 Decoration Piece (Bronze Gallop Horse)29-08-2018Rs 20,000
1 Table Mat03-09-2018Rs 30,000
a) 1 Dec. Piece (Glass Works)

b) 1 Locket

06-09-2018a) Rs 8,000

b) Rs 20,000

Model of Makkah Clock Tower10-09-2018Rs 25,000
1 Decoration Piece (Glass)12-09-2018Rs 9,000
1 Wall Hanging piece12-09-2018Rs 8,000
1 Decoration piece (Flower Vase)18-09-2018Rs 25,000
1 Wall Hanging01-10-2018Rs 18,000
1 Flower Vase08-11-2018Rs 15,000
1 Tea Set (14 pcs)08-11-2018Rs 3,500
a) 1 Decoration Piece

b) 8 Books

09-01-2019a) Rs 15,000

b) NCV

1 Wall Hanging piece09-01-2019Rs 15,000
1 Decoration Piece09-01-2019Rs 25,000
1 Decoration Piece09-01-2019Rs 30,000
1 Frame09-01-2019Rs 20,000
1 Flower Vase15-01-2019Rs30,000
1 Carpet (Turkmenistan)14-03-2019Rs 20,000
1 Frame (Perdana Putra Building)26-03-2019NCV
1 Wooden Box (Containing Table Watch, Card Holder & Paper Weight)10-04-219Rs 3,500
1 Box containing (1*Gown, Oud Wood & 2 Small Perfume Bottles)15-04-2019Rs 30,000
1Carpet24-04-2019Rs 30,000
1 Calligraphy24-04-2019Rs 5,000
1 Flower Vase30-04-2019Rs 30,000
1 Carpet30-04-2019Rs 30,000
1 Model of Truck30-04-2019NCV
1 Wall Hanging Frame30-04-2019Rs 30,000
1 Wall Hanging Paper30-04-2019Rs 5,000
a) 2 Boxes containing of Dates

b) 2 Prayer Mats

c) 2 Tasbeeh

d) 6 Bottles of Honey

03-10-2019a) 6000-

b) NCV

c) 9000

d) 14,700

a) 1 Decoration Piece (Horse)

b) 1 Decoration Piece (Plate with Stand)

10-10-2019a) Rs 12,000

b) Rs 18,000

1 Piece of Carpet duly framed (Hazrat Imam Raza’s Mausoleum)14-10-2019Rs 4,000
1 Decoration Piece (Turquoise)17-10-2019Rs 18,000
a) 1 copy of the Quran

b) 1 Decoration Piece (Markhor Model)

c) 1 Shield

24-12-2019a) NCV

b) Rs 25,000

c) NCV

1 Wool Carpet30-12-2019Rs 28,000
1 Model of Mosque08-01-2020NCV
a) 1 Calligraphy Piece

b) 1 Ladies Hand Bag

10-02-2020a) NCV

b) Rs 5,000

1 Carpet26-10-2020Rs 3,000
1 Wall Hanging Piece26-10-2020Rs 20,000
1 Wall Hanging Piece06-11-2020Rs 15,000
1Decoration Piece (Tray)02-12-2020Rs 20,000
1 Carpet22-2-2021Rs 22,000
a. Gemstone of Sri Lanka (duly framed)

b. Tasbih

4-3-2021a. Rs 5,000

b. Rs 2500

1 Chess26-07-2021Rs 27,000
1 Model of Door of the Khana Kaaba30-7-2021Rs 20,000
1 Onyx Bowl17-08-2021Rs 22,000
1 Model of Key of Door of Holy Kaaba17-08-2021Rs 6,000
1 Flower Vase (Red Color)14-2-2022Rs 27,000



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PTI’s Ali Muhammad Khan says all detainees are patriotic Pakistanis, needs state sympathy Chief Justice must sit in larger bench to do...