Imran and Qadri will move together towards Red Zone

Imran Khan and Qadri will move together towards Red Zone Islamabad


Imran Khan and Qadri will move together towards Red Zone Islamabad

Sajid Ali Khan

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chief Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri will move towards Red Zone marked by the government at evening of August 19.

According to the sources of both parties, MNA (resigned) Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed successfully played a role of Go-between and both leaders have decided to join hands on the evening of August 19 to cross Red Zone mark in Islamabad and enter Red Zone area. An advance party of PAT workers will try to reach backside of Prime Minister House from Bari Imam side while both leaders will try to meet at Municipal Road and move towards Serena Hotel.

Women wings of both parties will at lead role of processions marching towards Red Zone and entering into Constitutional Avenue.

Both parties will spread to two groups in case of police action against them and one group will try to reach Constitutional Avenue from Bazaar Road and one group will try to enter from Ataturk Road. Both marches are sitting on two parallel roads as PAT is sitting on Khayaban-i-Suharwardi and PTI is sitting on Kashmir Highway.

When contacted, PTI leadership said that :

There is a chance we join hands with PAT but last decisions will come from Chief Sahib—Imran Khan.

When PAT was contacted, it confirmed that Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed had meeting with Dr. Qadri and something has been decided in the meeting but what is this something—only chief of the party—Dr Qadri knows.

When Islamabad administration was asked about such plans, sources said that Interior Minister Ch. Nisar is in contact with PTI Chief Imran Khan and he knows that Qadri and Khan will move together towards Red Zone and there is possibility that government allow them to sit in outside Parliament on Constitutional Avenue. However PMLN leadership denied such information and said that nobody will allow to cross Red Zone. The Red Zone in Islamabad houses the diplomatic enclave and embassies, parliament, government offices and the presidential and prime ministerial palaces, which had been protected by police and blocked off with shipping containers.


Imran and Qadri will marach together towards Red Zone

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