Imran Khan lies again by claiming 1.2 million professional Pakistanis left the country

OpinionImran Khan lies again by claiming 1.2 million professional Pakistanis left the...

By Agha Iqrar Haroon

On July 17, 2023, in his Vlog, the former prime minister Imran Khan lied again that 1.2 million professional Pakistanis had left the country for abroad in the last year due to prevailing law and order under the PDM government.


According to available data, any professional (medical doctor, engineer, IT expert, etc) when applies for his/her working visa/visa for North America or Europe (as Imran Khan claimed that professionals have left for the USA, Canada, Europe, etc) it takes at least three years for visa processing. Moreover, European countries are not even granting visas to those who had been invited for a brief visit to UK and Schengen countries. Invitation visa rejection by Schengen countries, according to a survey is almost 100 percent even in cases where invitees provided complete insurance and responsibility cover. Even in cases where the youth got education from top institutions of UK and Schengen countries in the past had been denied their visas for summer vacations or for traveling for other purposes to countries from where they got higher education. Therefore arranging a job abroad and getting working/visit visas within one year for Schengen countries, USA, Canada, and the UK is almost impossible and contrary to facts and it takes over three to five years for getting immigration in countries Imran Khan mentioned or at least two to three years for getting working visas of these countries. If we consider his given figure of the exodus from Pakistan as “true” then PTI followers must accept that people who, according to Imran Khan left the country must have applied for their immigration/working visas when PTI was in power and they decided to leave the country due to exceptional poor economic conditions created by 42-months rule of PTI.

It may be mentioned that the PTI Chairman Imran Khan in his July 17 Vlog claimed that the massive exodus of professionals leaving Pakistan was shocking for him and further stated that people were leaving the country due to the prevailing law of the jungle and rising despondency and hopelessness. Imran Khan also claimed that the number of Pakistanis left abroad for jobs is around 1.2 million in the last year. He also claimed that the world was ready to welcome Pakistanis who had professional skills. Imran Khan was of the view these were the people who could move a society forward, whom this country needed a lot but now they had left because they had lost hope in this country. As usual, the claim of Imran Khan is unfounded by taking time of visa processing, rules for getting immigration, and procedure to get visas. Since Imran Khan always opts for linear communication methods, therefore, he cannot be contested and cannot be asked questions for reconfirmation of fake data and information he always provides in his vlogs or “addresses to the nation”.

The linear communication method/model was introduced by the Greek philosopher Aristotle as an effective propaganda tool-based rule that every communication can be broken into three parts:  the sender, the message, and the audience.  The birth of Propaganda takes place when we believe that the success of Communication depends upon the audience must not only get the message but must interpret the message in the way the sender has intended.

The linear model of communication for oral communication is known as Aristotle’s Model of Communication. This is considered the first model of communication and was proposed in the 3rd century BC. It also is the most widely accepted among all communication models. It is a one-way process where the sender is the only one who sends the message and the receiver doesn’t give feedback or respond. The sender is more prominent in the linear model of communication than the receiver. The sender (speaker) organizes the speech beforehand, according to the target audience and situation (occasion). In the 21st century, this model is still effective and this is like reading out statements/speeches transmitted by electronic media, and receivers (listeners/viewers) have no opportunity to intervene and question the sender or have no option for interacting with the sender. Aristotle believes that “Rhetoric” is one of the most important components of communication and persuasion and rhetoric has been used widely for defaming anybody, tagging someone as corrupt, cheater, or sinner for achieving political goals and this is what Imran Khan has all skills for.


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