Imran Khan is popular among families of civil and military bureaucracy

MediaImran Khan is popular among families of civil and military bureaucracy

Monitoring Desk: “Former Prime Minister Imran Khan is collecting foreign and local funding for fighting against those who, according to him, conspired for his regime change.

He is indicating that everybody —literary everybody was involved in his regime change. He is a good crowd puller and popular among families of civil and military bureaucracy because he is the only politician in the history of Pakistan who categorically makes fun of politicians, parliament, and the constitution of Pakistan— all three words that are extremely unpopular rather get a hateful response from these classes. Therefore, Khan is the hero of these classes who believe Khan would provide them with a system where there would be no politicians, parliament, and the 1973 Constitution. PTI circles indicate that Khan had planned to go for a referendum after budget session 2022 for asking people to replace the parliamentarian system and constitution with a presidential form of government but he was voted out before he could announce this. Anyhow one should accept the reality that he is a populist leader and populists are very daring when they decide to spread anarchy. Honestly, he has every right to do so whatever he wishes to along with his followers but my only concern is please forgive Pakistan’s Foreign relations. Unluckily, his entire paradigm is based on Pakistan’s foreign relations and he would go to every extent to get his results forgetting possible damages Pakistan can face”.


This was observed in an article titled “Regime Change” or “Change of Regime” written by Shazia Anwer Cheema and published by Pakistan Today on Sunday.

Popular among families of civil and military bureaucracy, Imran Khan can be lethal by dividing society
Popular among families of civil and military bureaucracy, Imran Khan can be lethal by dividing society

She indicates in her article that Pakistan People’s Party and its leader late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto raised the issue of “regime change” in 1977 blaming the United States for ousting Bhutto. There is a popular theory that regimes were changed in Pakistan around two years before any major change took place in the region. 1969 Yahya Khan Martial was followed by Fall of Dhaka, 1977 Martial Law was followed by Afghan War, and 1999 Martial Law was followed by 9/11. This is just a conspiracy theory, therefore, no need to go into details. After Bhutto, nobody used the diction of regime change except former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was thrice removed but he had no idea he could be a victim of regime change. Benazir Bhutto also avoided uttering this phrase although a vote of No-Confidence also came against her that she survived but then President Ghulam Ishaq Khan suspended her government and sent her home.

“There are no doubts thoughtless US-sponsored regime changes provide ample opportunities for politicians of the developing world to claim they are victims of regime changes. Now former PM Khan is educating Pakistanis about what is regime change and how did it happen with his change of regime. He is collecting funds for fighting against his regime change and would continue evening classes at public meetings to tell the history and formulas of regime change,” she writes.


Read her original article published in Pakistan Today to click this link

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