Imran Khan lost match as 174 members of the National Assembly voted in favour of No Confidence Motion

Islamabad, Pakistan: Imran Khan is no more Prime Minister as the majority of members of the National Assembly have shown No Confidence in him. 174 members of the National Assembly voted against Imran Khan while only 172 were needed.


The counting of votes was conducted by Speaker at Shair Ayaz Sadiq because Speaker of National Assembly Asad Qasar resigned at the last moment stating that he could not hold counting against his party leader Imran Khan.

Asad Qaisar said in his resignation announcement that he cannot be disloyal to his party and cannot hold counting Vote of No Confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan under the direction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Asad Qaisar wasted over 11 hours on Saturday and did not hold counting on the No-Confidence Motion although Supreme Court gave clear directives that Speaker must hold counting on the Motion on April 9, 2022, Saturday at 10 am sharp. However, Speaker kept inviting members of his party to speak against the Motion while flouting the instructions of the Supreme Court. Asad Qaisar tendered his resignation 15 minutes before the end of the day fixed by the Supreme Court. It may be mentioned that Supreme Court judges came to the Supreme Court building around 2300 on Saturday when they were watching the Speaker was fluting their orders.

Asad Qaisar delayed the whole process of the Vote of No Confidence for almost 28 days though the Constitution is clear that the entire process must be done within 18 days.

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