Imran Khan is going to get married now!

Imran Khan is going to get married now!



Imran Khan to get married after Azadi March

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan’s sister early Sunday morning announced that she had chosen a perfect match for her brother to marry, Samaa reported.

“We have cherrypicked a ‘potential wife’ for Imran Khan. The nuptials will hopefully take place shortly after the ‘New Pakistan’ comes into being, which, I must say won’t take long”, Aleema Khan said in a Twitter post.

This revelation came on the heels of a statement issued by Khan in which he had said that one of the reasons, among others, for his being so desperate to bring about a ‘New Pakistan’ was to get married –again.

“I am pushing for a New Pakistan because I don’t want to be single anymore”, a jubilant Khan told thousands of his supercharged supporters protesting outside the Parliament House to force Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif out of his office.

She, however, did not give any details on whether Khan was formally engaged to his bride-to-be, her identity, and a tentative date for the wedding.

Marriage Delayed, Marriage Denied?

Nevertheless, soon after, PTI denied Khan’s sister had a Twitter account.

“Note: Chairman Imran Khan ‘s sister Mrs. Aleema Khan does NOT have a twitter account”, said a tweet that appeared on the political party’s official account.

PTI leader Shireen Mazari also tweeted:” Aleema Khan does NOT have a twitter acct. Someone is misusing her name in a fake acct. Please block it.”

Imran-Jemima Divorce

In June 2004, Khan divorced British socialite Jemima Goldsmith, ending months of speculation among the chattering classes of England and Pakistan.

“I sadly announce that Jemima and I are divorced,” Imran had said in a brief statement issued by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf back in the day.

On May 16, 1995, Khan married Jemima, in a two-minute ceremony conducted in Urdu in Paris. A month later, on 21 June, they were married again in a civil ceremony at the Richmond registry office in England. Jemima converted to Islam to marry Khan.

Khan’s later decision to join politics alarmed opposition politicians and intelligence agencies mainly because of Jemima’s half Jewish ancestry, this became a point of criticism especially by Islamic parties who alleged that he was related to ‘Zionists’.

The couple have two sons, Sulaiman Isa and Kasim.

When the rumours started doing rounds that the couple’s marriage was in crisis, Jemima denied them by publishing an advertisement in Pakistani newspapers.

On June 22, 2004, it was announced that the couple had divorced, ending the nine-year marriage because it was “difficult for Jemima to adapt to life in Pakistan

The controversial story regarding Imran’s marriage broke when Imran stated that I am making a new Pakistan so that I can get married. This statement came out of Imran’s mouth while he was giving a speech at Azadi March. Right after this, his sister tweeted that we have found a bride for Imran.

After this tweet, Imran’s followers were kinda amazed and shocked but Shireen Mizari from PTI instantly tweeted

However i would like to quote here that news regarding Imran Khan’s marriage is hovering in International and National media since 4th August 2014. Shireen Mizari haven’t said that the news was wrong but just that the twitter handler was fake.

The opposition parties might going to use this statement of Imran Khan against him just like one PMLN follower
said that “Imran Khan is doing all this out of frustration for being single since ages”

Currently Imran Khan is leading the Azadi March in Islamabad and demanding Prime minister Nawaz Sharif to resign so that he can make a new Pakistan. Current Prime Minister is alleged by PTI for rigging in 2013 election which is hence to be proofed.

Imran Khan is going to get married now!

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