Imran Khan fears arrest today in Islamabad again, says he won’t accept system of tyranny

PoliticsImran Khan fears arrest today in Islamabad again, says he won’t accept...
  • Vows will fight until his last breath for real independence
  • Asks will anyone believe I kill someone in Quetta due to fear of case
  • Urges people don’t bow down before system of oppression

LAHORE: The former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman expressed his apprehension that he could be arrested in Islamabad again on Thursday; however, he made it clear that he was ready to go to jail but would not bow down before the system of tyranny and would fight for real independence till his last breath.

In his address to the nation on Wednesday night, the PTI Chairman said that he wanted to tell his people that he was ready for everything including jail, but he would never accept the rule of oppression and repression come what may.


Imran Khan said that the day, the nation accepted this system of cruelty and injustice and shun their resistance; there would be no future for Pakistan, adding that they should continue their struggle to establish a justice system in the country.

“I want to ask my nation that I will fight this system of oppression system till my last breath. Whatever happens, I will not back down from my struggle to make Pakistan a truly independent country,” he added.

Imran Khan equated the government’s high-handed approach against the PTI workers with Hitler’s Nazi policies, saying that the way Hitler had used burning of parliament to crush the Communist Party, a similar frame up was going on in Pakistan against PTI.

The PTI Chairman revealed: “All my security has been taken, my security chief and vehicles have been taken away by the police,” adding that all the people who were with me are in hiding.

The PTI leader stated that they were doing all these fascist tactics because they thought he would go to them to seek pardon, which he said out of question because he would speak and fight for real freedom.

Imran Khan went on to say that the weak were always oppressed in this Country.

“Hazrat Ali says that the system of disbelief will last but the system of oppression cannot last, that’s why our country is not making progress,” he added.

Talking about the latest absurd FIR filed in Balochistan against him, PTI Chairman said that today two more cases have been filed against him.

“Will anyone in Pakistan believe that Imran Khan went to Quetta and killed someone because of the fear of the case,” he asked, adding that Abid Sher Ali’s father said about Rana Sanaullah that he had committed 18 murders.

The former prime minister said that there was a report of Amnesty International that Shahbaz Sharif had killed 770 people in police encounters between 1997 and 1999, adding that Abid Boxer admitted on TV that he had killed people.

The PTI Chairman stated that the sole purpose of the case was to arrest him again, as he was going to appear in the court in Islamabad on Thursday for which he was fully prepared.

Imran Khan said that according to lawyer’s family, the murder was the result of family enmity, adding that the lawyer was murdered at around 9:30 and within four hours a press conference was held and blamed Imran Khan for the murder without any investigation.

Imran Khan said that the IG picked up the lawyer’s son and kept him with him till night and made a statement that Imran Khan was involved in his father’s murder.

“I am trying to understand how many murders Imran Khan has committed in his life, as I have more than 150 cases,” he added.

The former premier stated that the case which was not supposed to proceed, how could Article 6 be imposed on him because only a government can take action under Article 6, as it can never be done by an individual.

The PTI Chairman went on to say that there were so many cases filed against him that he had no idea of the nature of these cases. “All I knew was that someone had filed a case against me in Balochistan, which is a bogus case that has no status,” he added.

Imran Khan reminded that Qasim Suri gave a ruling that according to the cipher, there has been external interference in the country, wherein it was written, “To remove Imran Khan through no confidence motion”, which was confirmed in two meetings of the Security Council.

Imran said that the motion of no confidence was not even presented in the assembly and Qasim Suri kept the letter in front and gave a ruling according to which ‘I dissolved the assembly and announced the election’.

“The person who did this case said that my action should be processed under Article 6, while Supreme Court had already invalidated the ruling of Qasim Suri; hence there was no justification of filing the case against me,” he maintained.

“The way the rule of law has been decimated in this Country, I wonder how more we have to fall, as our fundamental rights, guaranteed by the Constitution, are completely violated today,” he added.

The PTI Chairman stated that the kind of violence and fascism ‘we are witnessing today is unprecedented’, as one month has passed since the abduction of Imran Riaz but there are no news about his whereabouts’, fearing that he was extremely tortured due to which he was being brought before the Court.

The PTI leader stated that the Supreme Court decided to hold the election on May 14, but the decision was not implemented, besides unconstitutional caretaker governments were sitting in Punjab and KP which were completely biased and oppressing the opponents.

Imran Khan recalled that Zilleh Shah was picked up by the police and after that his body was found lying on the road, a case was also registered against me, adding that after three days, the post-mortem report came which showed that his body was tortured at 26 places, then attempts were made to make his death an accident and ‘I am also named in it’. He said that such cases were being made against all the people in this country, adding that until justice was established in this Country, this nation would not be free.

The PTI Chairman stated that the powerful people who were sitting above had never allowed establishment of justice, as no one can question these powerful people.

“I am lucky to have the support of Insaf Lawyer Forum but how a farmer, a laborer, a small shop owner and a daily wager will stand up against the power who do not have resources,” he added.

Imran Khan stated that these thieves who had ruled the Country for 30 years, whose properties worth billions were in foreign countries and their children were living in palaces.

The PTI Chairman said that the ISI had been giving information about all these things for the last 2o years, adding that during PTI government, the agencies gave information about their foreign assets but they were lived comfortably even in jails.

“Where we stand today, do we have an idea of how much damage we are doing to our country. Nations are morally destroyed before economic collapse,” he added.

Imran Khan said that the foundation of Madina state was laid on justice and fairness, humanity and morality, which was the biggest revolution in the history of the world.

The former prime minister stated that today, the only country in the world which was built in the name of Islam was Pakistan, adding that the objectives of the resolution stated that Pakistan would be an Islamic welfare state which would follow the pattern of Madinah.

However, he revealed that today we have reached the position that instead of establishing a just system, more than 10,000 innocent people of PTI were imprisoned in the worst condition and six people were put in the death cell.

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