Imran Khan May Not Be Eligible For Parliament According To Pakistan’s Constitution?

Notice: This Post May Not Be Safe For PTI Followers as many of them know nothing about Politics, Constitution, Election process and the most important thing “History”. For The Rest Sit Back And Decide Yourself  if Imran Khan deserves your vote.

Imran says he will prefer dissolving KPK assembly rather than succumbing to blackmailing

“Imran Khan May Not Be Eligible For Parliament According To Pakistan’s Constitution?”, is a question in my mind and serious question with non-serious answers I get from PIT friends. Imran Khan aka Immi bahi May Not Be Eligible For Pakistani Parliament according To Pakistan’s Constitution? For now, no one can answer this question because I am no one to give any verdict. This is just a random blog post as I was getting bored of the social media war going on between different media groups and political parties, so i thought of discussing Immi bahi little bit.

Don’t give that skeptical looks while reading this because I am not going to talk about Umar Cheema’s tweet about 21 years old girl giving sleepless nights to a Pakistani leader because that is something we all are not aware off right now. Despite the fact that the tweet had no name in it but someone took it so seriously.

Coming back  to the actual point that why I am 6131_1024123262348_1803243712_50114_373838_nwriting this blog is that a long time ago I read the controversy going on between Jemima and Sita White about the child of Imran Khan “Immi Bahi Of PTI”. If we look back in the past then some of you might remember that MQM accused Imran Khan of fathering an illegitimate child with his ex-girlfriend, Sita White. The reference cites the verdict of the Los Angeles court which, on July 30, 1997, declared Imran to be the father of Tyrian Jade, the daughter of Anna Louise, aka Sita White. Since Imran never challenged the court verdict, the MQM reference argues he tacitly accepts the guilt of committing pre-nuptial sex, which Islam prohibits. Let me explain it in simple language that under Article 62 and Article 63 of the Constitution, dubbed as ‘piety laws’ disqualify from the NA anyone who isn’t a pious Muslim. Imran khan-dop1bKhan didn’t contested the ruling of the court and as per law Tyrian is now officially Imran’s daughter as reported by international media. European media claim that the most interesting part of the story is that after the death of Sita White  Tyrian is living with Jemima Khan and her step brothers.

             In August 2010 Jemima from her Official Twitter Account tweeted

and now this tweet has been deleted because Umar Cheema mentioned about this tweet in his article which was then embedded at many websites but now this tweet has been removed from the twitter handler.

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But Still Immi bahi is an honest, pious Muslim who can bring change to Pakistan and when you argue with Immi Bahi’s followers then you end up being abused. Now I am so much confused that how Immi bahi is in Parliament while being alleged father of Tyrian as per US Court and considering the allegations of MQM on Immi Bahi. If Tyrian is daughter of Imran Khan then what about Article 62 and Article 63? Think about it…

Some popular links of news published in European media writer got interest

Disclaimer: This is a contribution Blog post however Our Point of View Maybe Differ then of the Author


  1. First of all i would like to say that i an neither a Imran Khan fan or a pti follower. I thought you were gonna raise this issue. We all know what he did is not acceptable for any muslin to be doing. Now keeping the issue of being a piteous Muslim then I am 100 sure that all the others politicians are more or less of the same kind. Or current prime minister is providing loans with interests, is interest in Islam hilal? Few have scandals far worse than that. One leader in the south has been killing innocent people for decades, and not to mentions the game degrees. Even the parties focusing on religion aren’t on religion. Well to be whole, whole of the parliament is nothing but a bunch of idiots. And when Imran Khan speaks something sanely then people won’t let him may be due to his past.

  2. Thank you very much for repeating such things again and again because you guys can’t find any other thing against Imran Khan, Just look at his bravery that he himself has accept his mistake on television, and has not denied, but what leaders are doing no body knows, their hidden life is full of such incidents on daily basis, is this allowed in islam, what Nawaz sharif has tried to do with an international journalist when she came to interview nawaz sharif, i think your memory is very week, go and try to get something new against imran khan,

  3. Its only Self characterizing one person,,if you want to apply article 63 and 62 then your 90 % parliament will be dis-qualified.Stop this kind of foolish things .

  4. Haha Omg whoever the writer of this blog is talks about fairness and justice and he himself has committed one of biggest internationally recognized crimes

  5. I am a PTI supporter and I like Imran Khan as a person. That doesn’t mean I wholeheartedly take responsibility to vehemently defend every little action that man takes while he is alive. Its his life, not mine. Having said that, the author is right when he raises the question that he might not be eligible for parliament.

    In my humble opinion, Pakistan as a nation isn’t ready for a man like him. Everything he does (save humanitarian work i.e SKMHCR) is morphed into a “yahoodi saazish”

    Good question, Author. Props.

  6. IK has publicly accepted so many times that he was a playboy before and but he is not now. That was the religious aspect. Politically speaking, dude i am surprised that you actually believe in this shit. How does a persons personal life determine how he run an organization or a country? I mean tell me any management book you have read in which the quality of a leader is defined by his piousness or religion? Bhai we need a leader to run a country not an imam for mosque!

  7. One caN be pious at any moment of his life; piousness has neither beginning nor ending. One who is penitent is better than a flaunting self-righteous vigilante as the writer of this article. So what ! if Imran is disqualified by a constitution that is not Divine in fact made by humans who have all possible faults in their characters one can deem of.

  8. Please focus your all knowledge on Some Positive Issues except character assassination of an individual who has sacrifice all his life for the benefit of Pakistani’s. Imran is the only choice we possess and its cry of the day to select him as prime minister.

  9. Hello Author! Maybe u are right that I.K must be a father of lots of kids and husband to many women sleeping with different hoes but this article is very much one sided. if u write something make sure u make it neutral and what could actually make sense. So i will do it for you brother, C.M punjab Shahbaz Sharrif (Khadim e Ala) is married to 4 women, his son Hamza Shahbaz married to a dancer and some one else which are 2 in number. Ex president Asif Ali Zardari is famous in international escorts, loves women spends bare money on bare women. And trust me you dont know shit about article 6 or 7 whatever. The people who love Imran Khan and support him will stand for him more straight due to such stupid conspiracies. CEO of Jang group Mir Shakeel ur Rehman is a famous womanizer who connects hoes and escorts with big politicians in Dubai. MQM workers themselves are involved in all sorts of crimes in KHI.

  10. And editor this time plz post my entire comment ppl need to know this. Dont become a part of this game and remain unbiased.. Please!

  11. First of all we should not forget that Pakistan is an Islamic country, therefore it is our duty to abide by the statutes and rulings of Allah’s book ( The Glorious Qur’an ) which clearly says that ” Adultery ” is forbidden in Islam, for reference… See [ Surat-Al-Isra, 17 : 32 ], as being a Muslim we should not deny ALLAH’s ruling, secondly, Many Insafians argue that who are we to criticise one’s personal character ? but unfortunately they fail to realize that Qur’an gives the permission to speak the truth pertaining everyone’s matter, for reference see..[ Surat-Al-An’aam, 6 : 152 ], this verse clearly suggests that we should speak truth even if our near relative is concerned, just put aside IK which can not be every buddies’ relative, however, the third and the most plausible argument which ” Insafians ” normally raise is when they can not prove IK innocent, and that arguement is, they say ” ALLAH can forgive him, who are we to judge him ? ” the rebuttal to this arguement is answered by Qur’an in [ Surat-Al-Hujurat, 49 : 6 ], in this verse ALLAH clearly says that when a ” Fasiq ” ( An Unchaste ) person come to you with any news, Scrutinize him ( The Fasiq ) as well as his news lest we should harm humanity unwittingly ! we can see that this verse clearly suggests that one should scrutinize the entire case lest he should harm ALLAH’s servants ( Ibaad ALLAH ), ALLAH might have forgiven IK but it is still our duty to scrutinize one’s character as well as his news.

  12. islam forbids muslim to talk about moral characters of others. if the legal character of some one is not good then we can talk against it. so plz avoid to talk against moral characters of others mr. philosopher.


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