Imran Khan: Bidding on a wrong man

Imran Khan: Bidding on a wrong man

Imran Khan Bidding on a wrong man

This blog post was published  on 11 May 2014

People claim Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan is after Geo Television on the advice if not instructions of Inter Service Intelligence (ISI). Left wing political parties accuse Imran Khan for supporting ISI to derail democracy in the country. Geo claims Imran Khan is Frontman of ISI who is bashing Geo Television because Geo Television and ISI are pitched against each other by the claims of injured senior anchor-person Hamid Mir who claims ISI was behind attack on him in Karachi. Blame Game is the only Game covered by Pakistani media nowadays. All four characters Hamid Mir—Geo Television—ISI and Imran Khan have some controversies attached with them. ISI is being accused  of  killing Baloch nationalists, abducting people without leaving any trace and this practice is popularly known as ISI  in  “Missing Persons Case”. ISI is also accused of killing a journalist Saleem Shahzad in past. Hamid Mir is controversial personality also and allegedly responsible for killing of Khalid Khawaja by Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), his alleged relations with TTP and his controversial interview of Osama Bin Laden (OBL) that allowed Security Council of United Nations a justification for attacking Afghanistan. Journalists claim Hamid Mir works for agencies including the ISI in past.

Geo Television is accuse of working for its vested interests against the interests of Pakistan, its alleged relations with Indian organisation and spreading confusion in the country to destabilise the region. Geo Television has been bashing left wing parties including Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) during its last tenure. Making mockery of politicians are one of the core ingredient of Geo Television programming.

Imran Khan is also known for reeling some controversies and his moral values have always been under criticism. He is also criticised by politicians for his changing stances during his all span of his political career.

Geo-ISI contra has shaken media houses of Pakistan and all competitors of Geo television that is the strong media house of Pakistan are busy to take advantage of this situation except DAWN News.

Geo accuses Imran Khan as a Frontman of ISI working against it while Imran Khan is claiming that Geo Television and sitting government of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) are working together to malign Pakistan Army and the ISI.

There is a question in the mind of political observers that why Military establishment has chosen Imran Khan to become its Frontman?

Military establishment has friends in political arena of Pakistan and thousands of workers of banned organisations protested against Geo Television last week. Why should military establishment bid on Imran Khan who has a history of shifting loyalties? Imran Khan was considered as a close friend of Geo television establishment. He supported former President Gen. Musharraf during referendum against democracy. Imran Khan supported former chief Justice of Pakistan Ch. Iftikhar. Imran Khan proposed name of Fakhar din (known as Fakhro Bhai) as Chief Election Commission. Then people saw Imran Khan alleged Ch. Iftikhar was involved in election rigging, geo was involved in election rigging and Chief election commission was also involved in Election rigging. He strongly criticised Musharaf after referendum. In his private life, he is also known for shifting and changing mind. He had known love affair with Sita White and allegedly had a daughter from her but left her. Then he married Jemima khan and had two sons and left her. Only God knows the reality.

How Military establishment can depend on such a man with unpredictable behaviour and habitual for shifting stances? I do not believe that cunning military establishment can put him as its Frontman. Yes he has one quality that most of politicians in Pakistan do not have– He is honest man and hates corruption that has become blood for the body of democracy in Pakistan.

Imran Khan: Bidding on a wrong man