Imran Khan at Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore Jalsa: PTI promises new social contract by investing in for one education system in Pakistan after coming into power

PoliticsImran Khan at Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore Jalsa: PTI promises new social contract by...

Lahore, Pakistan: Chairman Pakistan Tehrik -i-Insaaf Imran Khan said that his party will invest maximum on the development of the people, education and on one education system in Pakistan after coming into power.

Giving 11 points as manifesto for his party for forthcoming elections of 2018, Imran Khan was confident that Pakistan would prosper if people elects his party in elections. He believes that he would collect money from Pakistan to help Pakistanis and he would not look towards international money lenders like IMF or World Bank for running Pakistan.


He indicated that he would launch “Agriculture Emergency” in the country after coming in power and he would provide model farming, research centres and would offer special rates for electricity for agricultural inputs.

He stated that “Sugar Mafia” would be dealt with iron hands and exploitation of farmers would be controlled by his government if he is elected as prime minister of Pakistan.



“Allah’s blessings can not shower upon the oppressor, we’ll have to fight against the tyranny, will have to side with the oppressed, the poor the uneducated and the deprived only then he’ll shower his blessings on this country”, said Imran Khan.

He promised a new province of southern Punjab and inclusion of FATA into KPK.

“I tell you the tribal people that i am well aware the kind of sacrifices you’ve made and how our people tolerated this. The foremost task would be to merge FATA with KP and will develop FATA on priority basis”, said Imran Khan.


He promised a new local government system in Pakistan after coming in power in which mayor of the city will be elected through direct elections.

He said that he would strengthen national institutions which are responsible to fight against corruption.

How can we strengthen the accountability system? because we are not the thieves, have you ever heard that anyone expelled 20 parliamentarians of his party over corruption”, said Imran Khan.

“I’ve heart some of the parliamentarian whom we’ve expelled for corruption have taken oaths on Qur’an that they’re innocent, come to me I will show you video proofs of you counting money that you sold your conscience for”, claimed Khan.

He stated that money laundering is hampering economy of Pakistan and PTI would seize all ways for money laundering after coming in power.

He said that he would provide a system of ease of business where Pakistanis living abroad would invest money in Pakistani economy.

He believes that tourism industry would pump foreign investment in Pakistan.


He said that Switzerland is a small country and it makes more than 20 billion only on the basis of tourism. He stated that northern areas of Pakistan are double the size of Switzerland and country has great potential to lead tourism in the region.

He promised a new police system in the country after coming in power where police would work independently and without political pressure.

Pointers of speech of Imran Khan at Minar-i-Pakistan.

Countries don’t flourish and go up because of the roads and bridges but when you spend on the human development.

Pakistani nation is the most generous nation in the whole world, once they trust that their money will be spent for the right cause, they are even more generou.

While in Pakistan 8 lac people are in English medium schools and they get the maximum jobs, 25 lac are in religious seminaries who’re mostly poor. Did we care for poor? why don’t we ask if they would ever get any high position in a company.

3.5 crore children study in govt schools. Half of the whole Punjab’s budget is being spent on Lahore only. I ask Shehbaz Sharif who’s ruling Punjab for 10 years how many international level universities he established?

No country can ever flourish without emphasizing on the education, all the Asian tigers educated their children, the men and the women

I asked CM Shehbaz Sharif how many hospitals did he make in Punjab in 10 years where his own Sharif family could be treated? i made SKMCH and was treated there twice

I congratulate CM KPK Pervez Khattak for a state of the art engineering university that he’s establishing in Hari pur and students will get degrees of Austria.

The caliphs under the state of Madina were bound by the rule of law, they were answerable to the people.

It’s a hadith that poverty leads to kufr, the system of kufr can still work but the system of oppression won’t survive.

One path is the path of blessing, other one is the path of injustice leading disaster like happened to children to Kasur, parents feel embarrassed of telling about their miseries.

Now i will talk about my 11 point agenda today but before that i ask you, “what do you ask from god in prayers?” you ask from him to show you the righteous path.

The powerful mafia controls everything, rigs elections, buys media and you can’t defeat them without a blood revolution but we are stood before them for the longest sit in ever.

I met Shah Mahmood Qurashi once and i asked him that you’re a Cambridge graduate you should come join my party and by the look of his face i remember he would have thought of me as a fool.

In first election, we got none, in second election we got one seat, people used to mock us. We would run after electables, even the nazims of the union council who would lecture me for an hour and later refuse to join.

I made this party in 1996 with a handful of people, Ahsan Rashid quit his job and joined me, i remember Saloni Bukhari for the passions she always stood by me

The country who under debts loses its freedom, you become enslaved to the one you’re indebted to even without conquering the country

I realized that day how there is a division, a divide of the rich and the poor, they are deprived of treatment, education everything and still they want to contribute for SKMCH

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