Importance Of Ramadan


By Mati Ullah Khan

Importance of Ramadan lies in the fact that it is one of the five basic and foremost pillars of Islam. It has been made obligatory for the muslims to keep fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Basically, Ramadan is not just about starving, in fact this month teaches the muslims about self-restraint. Moreover, in Ramadan muslims realize the poor people’s conditions and develop a sense of sympathy and cooperation for them. The month of Ramadan brings with itself numerous blessings and benefits for the muslims. That is why, muslim all over the world becomes joyous, cheerful and enthusiastic as soon as Ramadan arrives, in spite of the fasting and sacrifices they have to offer in this month.

Ramadan is one of the most awaited and sacred festivals of Islam. People start preparations as soon as the advent of Ramadan comes closer. In the month of Ramadan, special arrangements are made of Salat-e-Traweeh (in which whole Quran is recited during the holy month), and Ietekaaf in the last ten days of Ramadan. Mosques are found full of people who indulge themselves in more prayers, Quran recitation, and in reading the other Islamic scriptures. Most of the mosques are decorated with lights and small flags etc. To sum up, the whole environment is completely changed as soon as the month of Ramadan arrives.

The holy month of Ramadan is considered to be very important for all the muslims. In Ramadan, muslim learns self-restraint or self-control. They keep themselves away of unlawful deeds and practices which they usually perform during the rest of the year. Muslims offer certain sacrifices. As they remain without eating and drinking anything in the specific timings during this month.  In the same way, muslims all over the world sacrifice their inner bad desires and try to remain pious and good muslims. They devote themselves to the will of Allah and make all efforts to stay more and more in worships to please Allah. Apart from this, muslims develop a sense of love and sacrifice for the poor and needy people.

Zakat is another important pillar of Islam. Muslims are supposed to pay zakat in the Ramadan. Zakat not only purifies their wealth but by paying zakat, muslims help their muslim brothers and sisters in their financial issues.

Muslims are also blessed in the holy month of Ramadan with supposedly the most auspicious night, ‘Laila-tul-Qadar’, which is concealed by the Allah in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan. In this sacred night, the reveal of the holy Quran was completed.

During the Ramadan, at Sehri and Iftar (feast) times, muslims get together with their families and indulge in these activities. This helps the muslims to strength their relationship ties and live together with love and happiness. Ramadan brings some scientific benefits as well for the muslims. During this month, immunity is developed in the human body and toxins are released which have earlier been built up there. Thus, the importance of the Ramadan is everlasting and muslims will be kept on blessed by it.

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