Ramadan 2017 Iftar and Sehri deals for Lahore

Iftar Deals for Ramadan 2017 Lahore

The Holy month of Ramadan has just started, with this month of the year, no one can underestimate the people of Lahore.  If you have ever gone out on Iftar in Lahore, you would have seen the long traffic ques outside the restaurants on MM Alam road and similarly, you would notice a crowded food street during Sehri.

Iftar Deals Lahore 2017

Love for the food cannot be separated from Lahories!. Just like last year, we are going to bring you the best deals for Iftar and Sehri in Lahore.

  1. Salt & Pepper 
    Iftar at Salt & Pepper for just 1395 and Sheri for 995
  2. Nandos
    Nothing can beat Nandoos @899
  3. Park Lane
    You can try your luck with their tase
  4. Tree Lounge 
    999 doesn’t seem to be a bad option for Tree Lounge
  5.  Cafe Backyard
    I would personally recommend to dine out at Cafe Backyard for Iftari @1345
  6.  Casa Bianca
    Casa Bianca is a good option for Iftar Buffet @1399, however last year they were quite economical.
  7. Tabaq
  8.  Cafe Ayalnto
  9.  Bar B.Q Tonight
  10.  LA Atrium

    So we have shared few of the beat ongoing Iftar deals with you, now you better go out and try them out. We all know that there is another side of the Ramadan for lahories and that is dining out for Iftar. Last year, it was reported that majority of the people preferred to dine out for Iftar instead of making it at home. We have seen another a huge increase in per head cost of every restaurant as compared to last year. For example, last year Casa Bianca was only charging 999 including tax but now it’s 1399.  The fun fact is that last year we had Ayesha Mumtaz to keep a check on every restaurant but this time we can have faith in God that nobody would serve stale or frozen food at Iftar menu to reach economies of scale.
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