I AM A TRAITOR and Truth is a TREASON In The Empire Of Lies!

By Agha Hasnain Khan


Now that i just got impressed with ISI’s and Army’s efficient and effective use of Social Media,  I would like to admit that I have been fooled by media and I realize that politicians are the only ones responsible for all the bad that has happened to Pakistan and that our army is as innocent as angels and that Zaid Hamid is a true patriot and all the shitt he talks is true and that the unofficially “quoted” statement of an Indian officer about Mumbai attack that he himself is reluctant to admit is all authentic, and that majority of our media is funded by RAW and MUSAD.

But before I take a complete u turn on my TRAITOR like thoughts and be called a PATRIOT, I would want to know that why did we face the humiliation of the fall of Dhaka? why did we lose our territory in siachin? what happened in abbotabad on may 2nd? Why cant we protect places like GHQ, PNS mehran and Kamra Air base? I would like to know that who brought this nuisance of taliban in our country? who is responsible for drone attacks? who sold our people to US and our air bases too? I would want to know that why has our army never won a war (remember the glorified 1965 war history has been distorted, we only lost some teritory in this war too) but has been successful in running businesses of cement, footwear, banking, insurance, corn flakes, real estate (DHAs and Askari’s) and even electronics. why is anyone who questions them is a traitor? why are they not accountable to anyone? Why are they not to be blamed for the condition of Pakistan even after ruling it for more years than politicians and that too in succession? leave everything else aside, the May 2nd (OBL) incident alone has left us humiliated in the whole world. So competent they are that while they consume the highest percentage of tax payer’s income, they have not been able to stop terrorism in last 10 years, it rather has increased. let us not get into all the lavish perks that they have entitled themselves for, All the deputation jobs they get, even after the retirement. Also to notice that despite a huge chunk of budget given to our heroes, their pensions are separately given by the federal government from the civilian budget.

NO but we should not even talk about them, not about them violating constitution repeatedly, not about the fall of Dhaka, not about siachin, not about the hanging of The Great Bhutto, not about them supporting extremism in 90’s and even now(this needs another note to be explained), not about the presence of Usama Bin Laden and the Abbottabad operation that speaks about their incompetency, and not even about all that terrorism that they couldn’t stop!

We pay you enough (also America does) not to get involved in other business but do what you are paid for!!! and and and you are answerable to us so  don’t through tantrums when you are questioned!!!! The propaganda isn’t negative, your actions are!!!

We pay them more and spend less on ourselves; we buy guns and keep little for books. What all for?

BUT AGAIN, BEFORE I STOP THINKING LIKE A TRAITOR, I NEED ANSWERS, ANSWERS FOR EVERYTHING THAT NEEDs A CLRIFICATION, ONLY IF QUESTIONING IS NOT A HIGH TREASON ACT, since living in Pakistan requires you to get a certificate of petriotism from a very incompetent authority!


NOTE: This is Written by Agha Hasnain Khan, He has written is own opinion and DND may not support his views.

Asad Haroon
A netpreneur, blogger and above all; A Human 🙂 Asad tweets from @aghaasadharoon and can also be approached on Google+

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