Howdy Modi Event: PM Imran’s Hitler is the “Great Man” of President Trump

By Agha Iqrar Haroon

Howdy Modi event concluded with packed NRG Football stadium in Houston and a thin attendance of protestors outside the venue who came to register their concern over Howdy Modi— an event jointly addressed by the US President Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In his speech to Howdy Modi, the US President sent a loud and clear message to the world that he (Trump) will protect India from “Radical Islamic Terrorism”. His comments about Radical Islamic Terrorism were well received by crowd in stadium with ovation.

Using terminology of “Radical Islamic Terrorism” before stating that India must protect its borders, indicates that any physical support from outside to Kashmiris of IoK would be considered as an act of “Radical Islamic Terrorism” by United States.

He called Indian Prime Minister Modi as a Great Man and a Great Leader.

This address took place when Indian Occupied Kashmir is caged and Kashmiri Muslims are facing a genocide like situation.

Human rights organisations are reporting that Modi government is crushing Kashmiris with full administrative force while reports coming from valley indicate that Kashmiri Muslims are facing worst kind of state sponsored terrorism conducted by Indian Army and paramilitary forces. Stories of rapes of women, girls and even young boys are everywhere in media, abduction and killings of youth is a new normal in IoK.

Pakistan is raising voice to protect Kashmiris from Indian genocide and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan reached United States via Saudi Arabia to address UN General Assembly. According to Pakistan Foreign Office, PM Khan informed leadership of Saudi Arabia about situation in IoK and sought support of Saudi Arab.

Pakistan is using all possible opportunities to tell the world about brutalities committed by Indian forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir and is calling Modi a Hitler of 21st century while US President Trump is calling Modi the Great Man and Great Leader. One can understand what kind of support Pakistan can get from United States over Kashmir issue after listening speech of President Trump.

President Trump also said in speech that in November 2019, India and US will perform Tri-service exercise (military drills), US would involve India in Space security program and both countries will form further closer cooperation in the fields of home security and defence.

I think nothing left to understand what kind of relationship United States has and will have with Modi government in future after listing President Trump speech.

During the last one year, Pakistan sought maximum support from United States, Saudi Arabia and UAE on several issues from economic help to moral help. UAE recently awarded “Order Of Zayed” to Narendra Modi and Pakistan accepted this award to Indian Prime Minister Modi as an internal affair of UAE. US considers Modi as one of the strongest allies and an excellent friend. I believe Pakistan will also accept Trump’s appreciation to Modi as an internal affair of United States. Pakistan’s foreign office time and again indicates that Pakistan has wonderful relationship with United States and bilateral relation between Islamabad and Washington DC are at ideal level.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan recently said that he would contest case of Kashmir during his speech in UN General Assembly in a way that has never been contested before by any leader from Pakistan. After Howdy Modi event, Pakistan may realise that nothing is left for Pakistan if it was looking at US for any help to save Kashmiri people from atrocities being committed by Indian forces in IoK because Imran’s Hitler is the Great man and Great Leader of President Trump.


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