How to Update System BIOS? A Step-by -Step Guide

How ToHow to Update System BIOS? A Step-by -Step Guide

BIOS is an abbreviation for Basic Input/Output Systems. BIOS is responsible for taking action on your computer. Whenever we power on our system, BIOS takes care of the starting-up procedure. It is a built-in software but it is essential to update system BIOS from time to time. 

Updating provides smooth functioning and enhancement in your system’s features. Here is a descriptive guide on how to update the system BIOS.

Why is it important to update system BIOS?

Updating is essential because it boosts the system’s performance. The operating system starts working in a better way. BIOS update does not affect the performance to a greater extent but provides some minor enhancements. If something goes wrong or is done in the wrong way then it can have an adverse impact on your computer. Your computer can get stuck or cannot work properly.

How to update?

Update system BIOS

Here are the tips that you can follow to update your computer BIOS:

Part 1: Installing BIOS update file

  • Click on the Windows logo on the button-left corner.
  • Go to the Search bar.
  • Type info and select System Information.
  • Then click the System Model and write it down on paper.
  • Go to the System Manufacturer website.
  • Search for a file with the right version of BIOS update for your system.
  • Download the BIOS, extract the ZIP folder.
  • After you extract the file, the file is ready to be updated.
Part 2: Update System BIOS
  • You have to be very careful because you cannot turn off your computer while updating because it can permanently damage your computer.
  • Copy the BIOS update file into a USB before updating, and make sure that the USB is inserted properly. 
  • After inserting the USB, restart your system by clicking the power button.
  • Your BIOS will start updating automatically.
  • If you see a Save key on the screen then click on it to start following the instruction.
  • After following the instruction allow your computer to update BIOS.
  • This will take time depending on the size of the bios and your computer.
  • After the installation is done your computer will restart on its own.
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