How to Verify Legal Societies Plots in Islamabad via DC Office

The practice of investing in real estate across Pakistan has greatly increased over the past few years. With more societies and residential communities coming into development, the locals have not held back in buying plots, houses, and land territories across the country. Especially in the urban cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Multan, the general public has made a lot of property purchases in the recent years. While on one hand the development of communities and societies have allowed citizens to explore wide ranging options to invest in real estate, the issue of illegal land development and selling has caused great distress too. A few days back, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad Mohamad Hamza Shafqat inaugurated the Property Verification Centre (PVC) at Facilitation Centre in the DC office. The purpose of this centre is to help citizens verify the status of land/plot before investing in it. Let’s find out how to verify legal societies plots in Islamabad via DC office.

Illegal Land Cases in Islamabad


A few days ago, DC Islamabad M. Hamza Shafqat took it to social media and threw light over the illegal land issues in the capital territory. According to his statement, majority of applications received after the inaugural of Property Verification Centre reflect land and property investments with no legal status whatsoever.

How to Verify Legal Societies Plots in Islamabad

“Beware of fraud societies. Plz visit DC office and get verification from our property verification centre. In the last 2 days 80 percent people found out that the plot they are trying to buy either doesn’t even exist in Islamabad or is in an illegal society . Don’t waste your money and plz verify before buying. Thanks”,

reads the caption of DC Islamabad’s Instagram post.

How to Verify Legal Status of Property/Land in Islamabad via DC Office

The process to verify the legal status of property/land in Islamabad before investing is very simple. With the help of this process, you can stay clean of any fraud activity under the name of land investment across Islamabad.

How to Verify Legal Societies Plots in Islamabad

  1. Visit Property Verification Centre (PVC) in the DC office Islamabad.
  2. If you are the purchaser, you must fill a form as required by DC office with the details of property (you want to buy).
  3. Once the form is filled, you may submit it in the office as advised by the PVC.
  4. The Property Verification Centre will verify the legal status of the land/property and communicate the status (legal or illegal) with you within 24 hours.
  5. Note: There is no processing fee for the verification process.

Using the above-listed instructions, you can easily verify the legal societies plots in Islamabad via DC office.

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