How To Verify FBR Active Taxpayer Status In Pakistan | Complete Guide

As an active taxpayer of Pakistan, you get the benefits of a lot of things. Because it is hard and illegal to evade taxes in Pakistan as they may cause you legal trouble. While being an active taxpayer can give you a lot. Firstly, Banks will deduct a few taxes on withdrawals and profits. Additionally, lesser taxes on a lot of things like vehicle registration, dividends, lotteries, property transactions and much more. Still, if you have not verified yourself as an active taxpayer, so here is how to verify FBR active taxpayer status in Pakistan.

Taxpayer Status Via SMS

FBR Active Taxpayer Status

Earlier, there were problems faced by taxpayers and withholding agents in remote areas related to tax filers. Therefore, back in 2015, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) launched a mobile SMS service “9966” to get verified on the Active Taxpayer List (ATL). We can also use this service to check the status of filers and non-filers of Taxpayers. The mobile SMS method works in this way:

  • Open the SMS app on your phone.
  • Type “ATL<space> 13-digit CNIC number.
  • Send it to 9966

After you send the message you will get a response from FBR. It will include your name, Registration Number, and Your Taxpayer Status.

Online Taxpayer Verification Websites

The online verification method is the same for all the provinces. Every province has a different website where there is complete data regarding the FBR Active Taxpayer Status in Pakistan. You need to follow the same pattern on all the websites to get your required results. The government decided to devise different websites for each province to make sure that there is no technical issue relating to finding the results.

The websites for each province are:

Sindh: https://e.srb.gos.pk/Registration/onlinesearchTaxpayer.aspx

Punjab: https://e.pra.punjab.gov.pk/ATLSearchUtility.aspx

Baluchistan: https://bra.gob.pk/Registration/onlinesearchTaxpayer.aspx

KPK: https://kpra.kp.gov.pk/Registration/onlinesearchTaxpayer.aspx 


FBR Active Taxpayer Status

To check the FBR Active Taxpayer Status, follow the given steps for all the websites in each province.

  • Go to your provincial website.
  • Select the Search parameter from the drop-down option according to your preference which includes CNIC, Passport number, Registration number, and SNTN.
  • If you choose SNTN, type it like this: 0003456-4.
  • For making changes in your registration details, submit an application to your Provincial Board of Revenue or the Online Taxpayer Portal.

After getting to know, your taxpayer status, you might also have some confusion about how to calculate income tax on salary, we have also covered a simple guide.

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