How To Use Raast P2P | A Complete Guide

Whenever we make an online purchase, we have trouble making payments that how do we pay? Or, if we were to send money to our loved ones, they do not get the money on time when needed. So here is good news for all of you who do online banking. State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has introduced a financial solution for Pakistanis and has recently developed Raast P2P, Pakistan’s first instant payment system. Now definitely you are thinking about how to use Raast P2P? So, don’t worry here we will guide you about the Raast Registration process and tell you what are the advantages of Raast. So let’s begin!

What Is Raast P2P?

How to use Raast P2P

Raast is Pakistan’s first instant payment service that allows end-to-end digital payments between individuals and businesses across the country. It helps in providing a better experience for digital customers. This system has made it possible for people and businesses to opt for reliable and instant payment anywhere that the customers want.

How To Use It?

How to use Raast P2P

It is possible to transfer money through Raast without registration for Raast ID. Here is the step by step guide for use.
  • Go to your bank’s provided medium (mobile application, internet banking, transactions conducted with the cashier at any branch or USSD).
  • Log in to your bank account.
  • Verify yourself and your mobile number to connect to your account.
  • Your bank’s provided medium will immediately confirm your mobile number as your new Raast ID. (Only one Raast ID is allowed per client and one account per Raast ID.)

When you understand how to use Raast P2P and create your Raast ID, you can easily send your payments to anyone using your account number or just your IBAN mobile number.

Advantages Of Raast P2P

There are many benefits of the use of Raast P2P. Such as,

  • There are no hidden costs involved.
  • Easy to use: made for the masses.
  • Quick: make instant payments without delays.
  • Fully secure: international standards of security offered.
  • 24-hour assistance: around-the-clock help desk service.
  • Provides Central Infrastructure: banks can now connect.

All banks in Pakistan have up-to-date technologies. However, the online banking system is only limited to local transactions. soon, the users will be able to make international transfers.

Deletion And Alteration In Raast ID

You have to contact the bank’s customer support if you want to alter or delete your Raast ID, and if you want to offer a suggestion, or seek directions about using Raast P2P, or if you have any issue you can also contact the helpline to register your complaint.

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