How To Use Eyeliner


Beautiful, sparkling eyes are wanted by every woman. But sometimes nature does not co-operate to fulfill your desires and unfortunately it leaves us with eyes which are not ideal. But if you want your eyes look bigger, use eyeliner for this as it helps to give bigger eyes look. Eyeliners also have versatility of colors such as black, brown, dark blue, golden are the common colors. Eyeliners come in gel form, cake eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, marker eyeliner and even now in pencils.  Applying eyeliner is very easy if follow the some simple steps

a)      Gently lift corner of the eye.

b)      Start drawing line from inner corner keeping close to lash line.

c)      Continue drawing line to outer corner keeping close to lash line.

d)      Finished line.

Apply the eye pencil inside the lashes line (upper and lower both). Don’t apply the pencil on the inner corners of the eyes.

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