How to Track NICOP | Complete Guide

As a citizen of Pakistan, it is mandatory for everyone to have a national ID card or CNIC while living in the country. With the increasing influence of overseas Pakistanis locally, people are becoming more aware of the different documents needed to travel to and from Pakistan. NICOP, or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis, is a computerized card issued by the government of Pakistan to those who live abroad or plan to move in the arriving months. The NICOP application process is easy to follow. If you have already applied for your NICOP and want to track your application process, we have got you covered. Let’s look at how to track NICOP online in Pakistan.


Tracking Applications With NADRA


How to Track NICOP

The government of Pakistan has transformed several state institutions, including NADRA. The online portal has enabled thousands of citizens to track their ID card applications online without having to wait.

If you want to know how to track your NADRA application for NICOP, we have listed all the steps you need to follow to track your card’s delivery status.

Tracking NICOP Application


Here are the instructions you need to follow to track your NICOP card delivery status.

  • Open your web browser
  • Log onto the NADRA official website
  • Once you access the website, click on “Check Status”
  • Enter your form no. /CNIC number/receipt no. in the field
  • Once done, choose the card type from the listed options
  • In this case, you can choose NICOP
  • The system will ask you to enter the captcha code in the provided space
  • Once entered, click on “Check Status” to receive the latest information about your NICOP card

How to Track NICOP


Zone A List

TypeNormal Fee (PKR)Urgent Fee (PKR)Executive Fee (PKR)
NICOP Reprint/Lost5,4008,10010,800
New Smart NICOP5,8508,55011,250
Smart NICOP Modification5,8508,55011,250
Smart NICOP Reprint/Lost5,8508,55011,250
Smart NICOP Renewal5,8508,55011,250

Zone B List

TypeNormal Fee (PKR)Urgent Fee (PKR)Executive Fee (PKR)
NICOP Reprint/Lost2,5504,0505,550
New Smart NICOP3,0004,5006,000
Smart NICOP Modification3,0004,5006,000
Smart NICOP Renewal3,0004,5006,000
Smart NICOP Reprint/Lost3,0004,5006,000


You can easily track your NICOP application status online in Pakistan using the above-mentioned instructions. If you want to track your CNIC application, you can access the same portal and choose CNIC as the card type to find out the status.

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