How to Sell a Property Fast? A Thorough Guide


What real estate agent doesn’t want to understand how to sell a property fast? Within the sector, this is a constant goal to be achieved, especially because the delay in reaching the moment of hitting the hammer in the negotiation can often cause some frustration on both sides: buyer and seller.

The fact is that knowing how to sell a property fast is not always the easiest task, and many mishaps in this journey can increase the waiting time for the complete conclusion of the deal.

But even if your customer isn’t in a hurry to get rid of the property and the other side isn’t desperately eager to buy, it’s always good to optimize activities so that the sale arrives at a faster pace. Do you want to know some strategies that will help you decipher this enigma of how to sell your property faster? Because we at Sky Marketing Islamabad have found the solution for you. 

How to sell a property fast? Get the documentation right

Many real estate purchase and sale processes are stagnant due to the delay in resolving the documentary issues that involve it.

Streamline this part! To make a sale, the owner must be aware of all the documents he will need to make this negotiation.

In addition to your personal documents (such as RG, CPF, Marriage Certificate, Marriage Certificate with divorce registration or even the death of the spouse), there are also documentation related to the property such as Certificate of Registry of Deeds, Debt Clearance Certificate Municipals, among others; in addition to the deed, which must be drawn up at the notary’s office.

One of the tips for realtor, is that it makes those questions to the owner as soon as possible to know what should be accelerated.

If there are documentary issues to be resolved in a property, for example, a default, do not wait for a buyer to arrive and only then guide them to start working on this part. Ask for the matter to be resolved as soon as possible to minimize the traditional bureaucracy.

When the documentation is up to date, the client also feels more confident and just like selling a property fast is closer to reality.

Effective ads to sell a property faster

As many times, before knowing a property in person, customers search for data on the internet, the best way to expedite a sale is to present a clear and precise advertisement on the website.

People want to know the exact location, number of rooms, footage, parking spaces, whether there are suites and built-in closets, service area, maid’s quarters, property value and property tax, etc.

After knowing that these characteristics are met, clients want to see the property before the official visit. Therefore, good photos are an amazing tool to answer this question of how to sell a property faster.

The property ad needs to present clear, well-defined photos of all environments, at good angles, that can show the real dimensions of the place. Experts on the subject guarantee that around 15 photos are the ideal number to promote well.

Does Property Preparation Help Sell Property Fast? Rest assured that it does!

It may sound like a joke, but it is not uncommon for real estate agents to reinforce the issue of cleaning and organizing the property for presentation to clients.

In addition, many residents of the property are tenants who are not directly linked to the sale interest. Therefore, if possible, notify a client of a visit in advance so that the resident can provide more organization in the space.

When the client sees a property that is very clean, airy and organized, he has a better experience and tends to be more favorable to the business.

But think about the opposite situation: the customer arrives with a broker and the place is closed, damp, stuffy, with clothes or other objects scattered on the floor, dirty walls and a smelly environment.

It is easy to think that he will not have a good impression of the place, even if the property has excellent business potential. So think about it when you want to know how to sell a property fast and turn it around.

Convenient Organizing Actions

Want to know how homeowners can have their interests favored and still help find a way to sell their property faster?

how to sell property fast

  • A tip that brokers can give owners, if the place is empty, is to leave the spaces always clean.
  • When scheduling a visit, the real estate agent can also arrive a little before the client and open windows to air the room.
  • If the local resident is also the owner, the realtor can help him with some decorating tricks: working with mirrors in the rooms to expand the space, leaving the house decorated with flowers, providing balcony doors and open windows to air the space and even use a more neutral decor, so that the customer can see their own style there.

Renovations must take place before the visitation

To more efficiently get to the answer to how to sell a property fast, ideally, if the property has some repairs to be done, the realtor will guide the owner to do them before the visitation.

Firstly, because this initiative will be part of the organization’s requirements. Usually, customers do not like to see a property that looks more like a construction site.

And secondly, because customers won’t have to think about how much they will spend on home renovations. Seeing the property as close as possible to the “ready to live” vision also facilitates the sale.

Set a fair price for the property

The real estate market has suffered a strong crisis in recent years, due to this, many properties for sale were stopped for a long time.

But even for the anxiety of wanting to make up for the downtime, an owner should feel that he should throw the property price sky high.

You must know that even the urgency of knowing how to sell a property quickly should not be an obstacle, hindering the negotiation due to a lack of common sense.

The real estate agent must assess the price of the property in light of the real conditions it has: is the location good? How many rooms do you have? Are they good spaces? Is the property preserved? Have significant reforms been made to improve the infrastructure? Is the location valued or not? Everything has to go into this accounting to set the price. Which is why the developers of nova city are offering plot prices in the most reasonable amount. 

Often, the broker even has interested customers, precisely because the property is in excellent condition, but the owner wants prices above the market and this can make the sale difficult.

Know how to negotiate

The previous question leads to this tip as well: know how to negotiate the value of your property. We’re not always going to get the price exactly as we’d like, so we need to balance the pros and cons.

In many cases, the owner’s too rigid stance on the property’s value can cause the broker to lose the deal.

So, dialogue is needed to show when offering a discount can help close the sale. This role of showing the advantages and disadvantages of the business belongs to the real estate broker.

Use social media to advertise and sell

Do you remember that a while ago there was a saying that the greatest sales tool was word of mouth? In other words, people were the channels of indication of business to each other.

Today, this word of mouth can also be attributed to social networks, where people are connected almost uninterruptedly, dialoguing widely, with endless friends. Did you imagine the potential for disclosure? And by using social media the sales team at marble arch have been able to sell more than any other property. 

Take advantage of this real estate marketing potential, to reach as many people as possible, whether on Facebook or Instagram.

how to sell property fast

On the networks, don’t just try to make a direct and cold sale, call the attention of your future clients by approaching the real estate market, give tips and help clarify users’ questions.

This will help realtors become the authority on the subject and gain credibility with friends/future clients. And know that people usually buy with whom they trust and this trust helps to get to the way the solution of the question “How to sell a property fast?”.

Additional Tips

Two other tips for realtors on how to sell a property fast: the first is to know the property very well in order to know how to offer it to the right client; and the second is to know the reason for the sale of the property. In the latter, even if this data is not in the advertisement, it will serve as additional information during the visit.

This information can be used as a factor for a faster sale. Want to understand why? Let’s take an example: the property has 3 bedrooms, but the owner’s children no longer live there, and now he wants a smaller, 2 bedroom property.

When having this information, the broker can use it as an element of negotiation, if the buyer has a 2 bedroom property. And there are several other examples that could be included on the same line.

This means that the richer the information you have about the property, the more elements to negotiate quickly you will have at hand.

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