How to Select Engine Oil for Your Car? A Complete Guide

As you know engine oil is important for the engine, engine oil is as essential for your car as fuel, and selecting the right engine oil is like choosing your diet. A better diet means a healthy body. So, the same is with the engine oil. Let me explain how to select engine oil for your car.

What is the function of engine oil?

How to select engine oil

Engine oil is basically used to reduce the friction of the car’s engine. Oil reduces the friction between all the moving parts inside the vehicle. Engine oil works the same as the blood in the body without which the body could not work properly. The oil moves all around the engine to reduce friction and to keep the parts in motion.

Engine oil helps to maintain the temperature of the engine because the engine runs with the combustion of fuel, which causes an increase in temperature that can cause a big loss. That is why oil is used in engines. 

Moreover, the oil helps to diagnose engine problems like what is wrong is in the engine. You can take an oil test to find out which part is not working properly.

Types of Engine Oil

Mineral oil and Synthetic Oil are two types of Engine oil. Mineral oil is made by refined surface oil, while synthetic oil is all made by man. This oil is thick, so it takes more fuel and produces more smoke. On the other hand, synthetic oil is modified by chemicals so it is used to overcome the disadvantages of mineral oil.  

When to Change the Oil

How to select engine oil

The expert’s opinion is to change the engine oil of your car after up to a minimum of 6,000 to 7,000 kilometers. But if you don’t run your car regularly, then it is important to change the engine oil every four to five-month, because the oil gets contaminated that can break down the engine.

Find the best oil for your car

Shell developed a Shell Lubricant Guide that is used to find how to select engine oil for your car. The choice of engine oil also depends upon the condition and age of your car. All you have to do is to select the make and model, and the instrument will give the best recommendation for the best oil for your car.

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