How to kill and get rid of Ants in House with Borax within a Day

How To Kill Ants With Borax!

Ants are sometimes impossible to get rid of. You seem to be doing everything; using products, home remedies, and Googling all you want, but they all don’t work. Even if you somehow end up finding products that do work, one day they don’t. This might sound philosophical, but ants do are a real problem.


However, you are in 2020, a completely new decade and that means there is a solution for everything out there. So it is for the ants. Your ant-killing solution is Borax. It not only kills them but wipes them off completely with no chances of ever coming back. How cool is that?

How Can You Use Borax To Kill Ants?

Borax messes up the digestive system of the teeny tiny ants that plague you. It doesn’t kill them instantly but takes a bit of time to of that. But that time is indeed useful. The slow speed allows the ant to drag itself back to the hole it came from, which means it will be poisoning the entire of its colony. Sounds like a Netflix show? But it indeed is an extremely effective way.

While Borax is used in our soaps and toothpaste and we have no issues using it, it is hazardous for ants and some insects. Some ant baits actively use it.


Now that you know the effectiveness of Borax, it is time you know how to use it to get rid of these irritating insects from different areas of your house.

Borax Recipe For Killing Ants Inside The House

For ants that are inside your house in the areas like attic, cupboards and other spooky corners, this mixture is the best to completely get rid of them:

  • Take borax, water, white sugar, and any syrup
  • Mix one-part borax and three parts sugar
  • Mix the same amount of water as borax in the mixture
  • Mix until the consistency is pasty and the borax has dissolved
  • Add syrup. The quantity depends on the quantity of the mixture you want
  • Mix until the entire paste has one color
  • Transfer the mixture to containers with cover
  • Drill small holes in the container, enough to keep the pasty mixture inside and help ants get in there too
  • Cover the traps and place the container wherever the ants are in your home the most

The ants that go inside the container and come outside will effectively be able to destroy their entire colony.

Borax Recipe For Killing Ants Outside The House


If the ants are outside your house, like in your garden or garage, killing them might sound even trickier. However, in this way, it won’t be anymore:

  • On the center of a bottle cap, but a roofing nail. It will be a ground anchor for the ants in the open area
  • Now take the used plastic water bottle and cut the bottom portion. You can use it as a bowl for the mixture
  • Take powdered Borax and add 5% jelly solution to it
  • Stir till they have mixed well
  • Mount the bottle caps on any anti-populated area in the outdoors and add a spoonful of the mixture.
  • This mixture on a cap works as the perfect ant baits.

Take it from us when we say, Borax solutions are the perfect ant-killers for you. They always work. So, instead of investing in products every now and then, it is better you spare some time and create these baits to kill off the entire ant squad nagging you at home.

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