How To Install NADRA E-Sahulat Software – Everything You Need To Know

BlogsHow To Install NADRA E-Sahulat Software - Everything You Need To Know

Here is how to install NADRA E-Sahulat in easy steps. Everything you need to know!


Thinking of visiting NADRA for identification documents makes one have a view of a long queue to wait for the whole day. However, with the passage of time, digital advancement in different public sectors has systemized operations to a great extent while ensuring to facilitate citizens with ease. NADRA introduced its E-Commerce Platform in 2008. It allows customers to pay utility bills and perform other electronic transactions after proper verification. With over 12000 E-Sahulat franchises in the country, it is the best and most secure electronic transaction system available to citizens of Pakistan. Find out how to install NADRA E-Sahulat and everything you need to know!

How To Install NADRA E-Sahulat Software - Everything You Need To Know

How To Install NADRA E-Sahulat Software – Everything You Need To Know!


NADRA E-Sahulat is an e-commerce platform introduced with the idea to facilitate customers in availing services online. It gives you a way out of any sort of hassle while saving you from long queues and time wastage. Here we an overview of the E-Sahulat platform:

  • NADRA E-Sahulat provides online payment and collection facilities to the general public and organizations through various outlets.
  • The outlets across the country have been connected to NADRA’s data warehouse via a secure internet connection and are installed at public places through its Franchise Network.
  • Just go to your nearest E-Sahulat center and pay your electricity, gas, water, and telephone bills.
  • Transferring money across Pakistan through E-Sahulat is very easy. Go to your nearest E-Sahulat franchise and take your original and valid CNIC along with one Photocopy.
  • To transfer money, you shall have to provide the receiver’s CNIC number as well.
  • You can also become the owner of an E-Sahulat franchise by applying for it through NADRA E-Sahulat online and offline systems.

How To Apply For E-Sahulat Franchise?

To apply for the E-Sahulat franchise, all you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  • You can download the franchise application form from https://e-sahulat.NADRA.gov.pk/ or you can get it from NADRA’s regional offices.

How To Install NADRA E-Sahulat Software - Everything You Need To Know!

  • You can apply online for it as well. Use the following link for online franchise registration.https://e-sahulat.NADRA.gov.pk/subpages/apply_online.php
  • Whether you’re applying online or offline, you need to deposit Rs.600/- in any branch of Habib Bank in the country.
  • After depositing the registration fee in HBL, you have to submit the application form to any NADRA regional office.
  • For applying online, go to the link https://e-sahulat.NADRA.gov.pk/subpages/apply_online.php and provide all the required information in the application form.

  • After that, click on ‘Submit Request’ to complete the registration process.

Prerequisites for Franchises

  • Must have a shop or a place for conducting business
  • The business place should meet all standards & aesthetics laid down by NADRA
  • It should be located in the vicinity of around 2500 homes
  • Franchise owner should have the ability to market his product and do business

How To Install E-Sahulat Software?

Here is a guide to how you can install NADRA E-Sahulat software:

  • Visit the website https://e-sahulat.nadra.gov.pk.
  • On the home page, click on the option Franchise Login from the menu list on the top.
  • As the page will open up, you will see space to fill up login details.
  • Fill up the login details and hit enter button.
  • From the side menu on the portal, click on Downloads.
  • On the top, you will see the first option to download E-Sahulat software.
  • Click to download and you will get an exe. file to run the setup for installation.
  • Now run the setup and follow instructions by clicking next on the windows.
  • After finally clicking on Install, the process is complete now.

For further installation details, you can watch this video!

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