How To Get Your Property Registered In Pakistan 2020

Here is a complete guide on how to register your property land, plots, flats, etc in Pakistan. Getting your property registered in Pakistan isn’t that big of a deal. Though it is hard and you have to from government office after another, it is our lack of knowledge that makes it difficult rather than the entire procedure. You only have to know what needs to be done and what documents you must have in order to get your property registered.

One thing we want you to know is that the registration process might not be so dense, but it requires you to put in a little money. To make it clear, let’s get onto the process of registering property in Karachi and Lahore.

Property Registration Process In Karachi

To get your property registered in Karachi, you need a total time of 14 days and a total sum of 342,058PKR. Here is how to get it done:

Step 1

You have to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for sale, which is otherwise also known as a Sales Certificate. This will take a total of 7 days and will cost you 500PKR only/

Step 2

Afterward, you have to conduct an online title search for the business. It will take a day only and will cost nothing.

Step 3

Using the standardized online templates available, create either a sale or the purchase agreement depending on what needs to be done. It also takes a day only and the templates are completely free.

Step 4

You now have to pay the property registration fee and the stamp duty among others. It requires one day to complete, but you will need a total sum of 341,558PKR.

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Step 5

Take the receipt of the payment to the stamp office. It will be received that day and won’t cost you anything extra.

Step 6

In the final step, the execution and the registration of the deed (sale/ purchase) are done before the sub-registrar. It will take about three days to be fully done and your property will be registered.

Property Registration Process In Lahore

As compared to Karachi, the registration process in Lahore is a little compact, but it takes around 15 days to be done for the total charges of 343,408PKR.

Step 1

The first step is to obtain the FARD, which the ownership and non-encumbrance certificate. Obtaining this certificate will set you back a day and will cost only 150PKR.

Step 2

Using the free standard online templates available, create a sale or purchase agreement depending on what the requirement is. You can get this done within a day.

Step 3

Now you have to pay the stamp duty, town tax, capital value tax, and finally the registration fee. All of this together will cost you 342.758PKR and will be done within a day.

Step 4

Finally, you will have to present in front of the registration authority to register and execute the deed. This will take 8 days in total to be done and finalized.

This was all about registering your property in both Karachi and Lahore. If you follow these steps closely and carefully, you can register the property within the mentioned duration and fee.


How to register a property in Pakistan