How To Get M-Tag ID For Easy Travelling on Motorway?

BlogstravelHow To Get M-Tag ID For Easy Travelling on Motorway?

How to get M-Tag ID


M-tag is the latest technology introduced by FWO (Frontier Works Organization) to smoothen the toll-tax receiving on Motorway. It operates on a pre-paid Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). When you get M-Tag, it is installed on the top right corner of the front windscreen of the vehicle. Each toll plaza on Motorway has scanners that identify the M-Tag. When a car passes the plaza, the scanners scan the tag and immediately deduct toll-tax. This automated system has replaced the E-tag system. The question arises that how to get M-Tag ID. Here is a complete process. 

M-Tag is now a compulsion on every vehicle that enters the Motorway. If any car does not have M-Tag, the vehicle will not be allowed to enter. This automated system has helped travellers to avoid waiting in lines at the toll plazas.

How To Get M-Tag ID?

As easy as the usage seems, the easier is getting the M-Tag ID. all you need to do is visit the M-Tag issuance Booth on any Motorway Toll Plaza. It will take only 3 minutes for the installation of M-Tag on your vehicle and that too is free of cost. You will need the following things for registration:

  • Vehicle Registration Book
  • Original CNIC
  • Your Contact Information

You can also replace it from the M-Tag Issuance Booths if the chip is damaged. 

How To Recharge M-Tag?

How to get M-Tag ID

Before using the service, you need to recharge your account. For recharging, there are several options like Scratch Cards, JAzz Cash, Motorway Website, M-Tag Motorway App, and Debit and Credit Card.

Scratch Cards

To recharge through scratch cards that are available at service areas of Motorway. You can also get it from customer care centres at the entry and exit points of the Motorway. There are different value options like Rs. 200, 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000. 

After purchasing your scratch card, type the card number in SMS and send it to 9909. 

JazzCash Recharge

For JazzCash recharge, you can use your wallet on your mobile phone. Also, you can visit the JazzCash retailer for recharging your M-Tag.

Motorway’s Website

You can go to FWO Smart Motorway’s Website official website and use JazzCash, Visa and Mastercard Payments for recharge.

M-Tag Motorway App

You can download the app from App Store or Google Play Store. There you will get multiple options that you can use to easily recharge your M-Tag.

Debit and Credit Cards

Motorway Website and M-Tag Motorway App allow debit and credit card options. 

M-Tag Balance Check

Keeping balance in your M-Tag is important whenever you want to travel somewhere. Therefore, whenever you cross a toll plaza, there will be an SMS on your phone regarding the remaining balance. There is no balance expiry or minimum balance requirement for M-Tag. 

Other Information

How to get M-Tag ID

When you have provided your contact number while registering, Motorway administration will send an SMS to your number. You can get information related to toll tax transactions, violations, weather, operational information and other alerts. E-challans on Motorway will also be excluded from the balance in your M-Tag. Hopefully, you have all the information about how to get M-Tag ID.

For further information, you can contact the M-Tag helpline at 051-9270627. 


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