How To Get COVID Vaccine For 50-Year-Olds In Pakistan

COVID vaccination for 50-year-olds has started. Find the complete instructions below to get vaccinated.

COVID Vaccination for 50-Year-Olds Is Now Started!!


COVID vaccine for 50 year olds started!

As per the government’s plan, the COVID vaccination for senior citizens is in the process. The first phase covered the citizens aging 65 years and plus. However, soon after the first phase, NCOC allowed vaccination for those aging 60 – 64 years. While most of the senior citizens in the country are receiving vaccines on daily basis, the time has now come to get the COVID vaccine for 50-year-olds in the country. Keeping in view the ongoing alarming COVID situation in the region, it is highly advisable to register and receive the vaccination as soon as possible.

Here, we have added complete details and instructions for you to get registered and vaccinated if you are eligible for this age group.

Instructions For Vaccine Registration

If you or any of your family members are eligible for this age group, you can register by sending an SMS with your CNIC number (13 digits without spaces and dashes) to 1166 from any mobile network.

You can also log on to nims.nadra.gov.pk to register yourself.

Confirmation Message

After registering yourself, you will receive a confirmation SMS. Once you receive this message, it means that you are officially registered for the vaccine based on your eligibility.

Appointment Confirmation

As soon as the vaccine will arrive at the center, you will now receive a second SMS with the date of appointment. Keep these details with you for your ease and to avoid any inconvenience.

Instructions for Appointment Visit

Although your name will be already registered, you will still need to take along your original CNIC and PIN code to the vaccination center. The health staff at the center will check the schedule and verify your CNIC and PIN code at the verification counter.

After the confirmation and verification of your data, you will have to wait for your turn to get vaccinated.

What will happen after vaccination is done?

Once you receive the vaccine, you will be asked to stay for 30 minutes so the health staff can monitor you.

The above-mentioned details cover all the steps for the COVID vaccine registration for 50-year-olds in Pakistan. If you haven’t registered for the vaccine already, do it now by sending your CNIC number to 1166 or visiting the website: nims.nadra.gov.pk


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