How to Get Appointment in Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA)

Land records in the country are managed by government authorized bodies spread across the provinces. Millions of properties have been registered with the authorized centres over the years. This means if you buy or sell a property, the authorized documentation of your property is also added or updated in the land records management authority of your province. These records are of vital importance for the legal status and mortgage value of your property. In case of loss of documents, you can contact your local authority office to get the official land record for verifying the ownership and transfer status (if any). In this article, we are focusing on Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) to facilitate citizens of Punjab in sorting out property and land matters. If you want to know how to get appointment in Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA), we have got you covered with all the important details.

Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA)

How to Get Appointment in Punjab Land Record Authority

In the recent years, the government of Pakistan has brought digital reforms across the country. With the help of these reforms, citizens can easily access state authorities through online portal for their needs. The same is the case with Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA). If we look back into the former practices, citizens had to visit the office many times to even get an appointment. However, with the online forum coming into action, you can now easily get appointment in PLRA from your home.

How to Get Appointment

To get appointment, you can opt for two ways as per your suitability:

Appointment via Helpline

If you want to get an appointment with PLRA, you can simply call the official helpline number of Punjab Land Record Authority 042-111-222-277.

Appointment via Website

If you want to schedule an appointment via website, you can also do that. The official website link for PLRA is www.punjab-zameen.gov.pk

How to Get Appointment in Punjab Land Record Authority

You can also access the token appointments website link directly at:


Please note that the appointment is absolutely free of cost.


How to get appointment with Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA)?

You can get appointment with PLRA through official helpline number 042-111-222-277 or visit the official token appointment website http://ams.punjab-zameen.gov.pk/Customer_Appointment.aspx

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