How to Detect Skin Cancer Early On?

Although in Pakistan the focus of the researchers has been on the most prevalent cancers such as breast and prostate cancer whilst another less talked about cancer has been creeping its way into Pakistani population. This slowly growing epidemic is skin cancer.

A local hospital’s study shows that out of 1550 biopsies performed at its skin department, 1450 turned out to be malignant. Such drastic statistics show that one should be aware of the early signs of developing skin cancer. In this article, we are listing down five early signs of skin cancer so that you can consult a skin specialist in time.

Specifications of Cancerous Moles

Almost everyone has moles on their skin. Regular moles are no cause for worry but some moles can have special characteristics which are indication of cancer cells growing. One of the main things to look for in a mole is asymmetry. What this essentially means is that a cancerous mole will be irregular in size and shape in different places rather than having a similar structure overall.

A cancerous mole also has blurred out boundaries which means that they seem to merge with the skin rather than having a clean-cut boundary. Another important symptom of skin cancer is an irregularly colored mole.

If you have a mole which have some patches of pink and other patches of brown and black, you should waste no time and seek a skin doctor’s help as soon as possible. Lastlt, a cancerous mole also tends to evolve which means that with time it changes in shape, size and color usually growing bigger in size and darker in color.

Specifications of Cancerous Scars

Other than moles, skin cancer can also present its symptoms in the form of scars. Mostly these scars are likely to appear on face, lips and necks but they can grow anywhere. An important early sign of skin cancer is yellowing of the skin. If you have started seeing yellowish patches on your skin, you should immediately seek help from a specialist.

Firm and itchy red patches on the skin can also be a sign of skin cancer. Raised growths and open sores with material coming out of them can also be an indication of cancerous growth. Apart from the above-mentioned symptoms, bumps and lumps are also a cause for concern.

Some other Signs

Until now, all the symptoms mentioned are skin related but remember if you have cancerous growth there will be over all impacts on your health such as fatigue and tiredness. In extreme cases, you may also start experiencing fever with chills. Look out for these symptoms and consult a doctor at your earliest.


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