How to Check Car Registration Online In Pakistan?

In the earlier times, we had to go to the Taxation Department to check the car registration. We had to stand for hours and hours in the cue to get the car registered. But, because of the development in these departments by the government, it is much easier now to check your car registration online at home by using the internet.

Ways to Check Car Registration in Pakistancheck car registration online

Online car registration checking service is available in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Islamabad. The government is also planning to launch the same system also in Balochistan. The two methods to check car registration online are:

  • By MTMIS
  • By sending an SMS

These methods have brought convenience to citizens and saved their time and efforts.

How to Check Car Registration Through MTMIS?check car registration online

To check the car registration online through MTMIS, you have to open the browser and search for the MTMIS website for your province for example https://mtmis.excise.punjab.gov.pk/, and press enter. this website will work for Punjab. You can also download the app from PlayStore. Then you have to choose between the categories of two-wheelers and four-wheelers. 

After entering your vehicle number, the page will load the following information about your car:

  • Registration number
  • Owner
  • Registration date
  • Model
  • Engine number
  • Body type
  • Chassis number
  • Color
  • Tax paid

How to Check Car Registration Through SMS?

The government has introduced the SMS method to check car registration at home. This process does not cost much. You can check car registration for just 50 paisa. Registration checking through SMS is only available in Punjab and Islamabad. The codes for car registration checking through SMS are different for both cities. You have to send an SMS to 8521 if you are in Islamabad and for Punjab, the code is 8785

Following are the steps to check the registration of your vehicle through SMS:

  • Open SMS on your mobile phone. 
  • Type vehicle registration number and send it.
  • As the response you will get all the information about engine number, chassis number, registration date, make, token paid, and owner name. 

This initiative by the government is to promote the registration of vehicles in Pakistan so the usage of illegal vehicles can be prevented.

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