How to Cancel PTCL DSL Connection

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest integrated Information Communication Technology with the largest number of users within the country. And the reason of this much usage is that other telecommunication and internet companies focus on only the urban areas whereas PTCL covers all the semi urban and rural areas. This internet service also renders several packages with wireless and wired internet. But if you want to cancel your internet connection services here’s how to cancel PTCL DSL connection.

PTCL DSL Connection Cancellation

With every facility there comes a drawback. As PTCL is a government organization so cancelling the PTCL DSL connection is not like other private companies. If you want to cancel your DSL connection for any cause even if it’s an emergency, you have to write an application first and then submit it to any exchange or to OSS (one stop shop). The following documents are needed to be submitted along with the application.


How to cancel PTCL DSL connection

What You Need To Have

  • A written application (a sample provided below, you can download PTCL application as well).
  • PTCL Broadband/Evo device.
  • CNIC copy of the person on whose name the device was issued.
  • Last month’s paid PTCL DSL bill copy.

When you’ve submitted the application, it will be acknowledged in around 24 to 48 hours. And you will receive your final and last internet charges with your next month’s invoice.

It is for the usual case, but in case you want to cancel your connection crucially then you’ll have to bring all these documents to the nearby one stop shop and tell the officer about your emergency. Either they will accept it or will delay it while serving any excuse.

Application Format


The application format given out by PTCL is as follows;

To: Business Manager, PTCL

Dear Sir,

I submit this application for disconnection of my PTCL internet service. My name is (customer name) and I had purchased broadband/Evo(choose one) connection on CNIC number (customer CNIC number). I no longer require internet service and would humbly request to process my application at the earliest. With this application I also return the the device and my copies of CNIC and previous month’s bill are also attached.


(customer name)

Strange Fact About PTCL

But one thing we all wonder about is that in these times of advanced technology when everything can be done online via internet, why do we have to go there ourselves to cancel our connection for PTCL DSL? What’s the purpose behind not changing the requirements. If you’ve ever experienced anything like this, do share it with us.


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