How to Apply for Ehsas Rashan Program? A Complete Guide

How to Apply for Ehsas Rashan Program

On this Wednesday the Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced very big news of the biggest relief package to make common items low prized to 53% of the country’s population, this project has a worth of 120 billion. Here is all the detail about how to apply for Ehsas Rashan Program


This project is named Ehsaan Rashan Program, this program will help 130 million of the population of the country who will receive 30% relief on three items oil, ghee, flour, and pulses for six months.

The Government is now working for the advancement of the economy, they are helping the needy peoples by giving them such facilities. 

There are over 20 million households in Pakistan, to whom Ehsaan Rashan Program will give 35,000 per month. The team of Ehsaan Rashan has identified the households that are worthy of the subsidy.

How to Apply for Ehsas Rashan Program?


How to apply for Ehsas Rashan program


Families that are facing a hard time because of financial problems will definitely apply for the Ehsaan Rashan Program at Ehsaan Rashan Portal, Ehsaan Rashan Program is going live on 8 November 2021.

If you apply through any kind of SMS or channel they will reject your application on the spot.


The application will be selected through the robust vetting process to avoid the misuse of the Eshan Rashaan Program.

Documents required

To register for this program, you need to submit your application with the following documents to prove eligibility. 

These documents are:

  1. Written proof of willingness to allow your data to be shared with a third party.
  2. A CNIC
  3. Income certificate indicating a family income of less than Rs. 31,500.
  4. A written proof that only of the family members has applied.
How does it Work?

How to apply for Ehsas Rashan Program

Ehsas Rahsan program will work in collaboration with the National Bank of Pakistan to develop a digital targeted subsidiary disbursal system. They will provide subsidies to shops across the country. The shop owners will have to download the application. 

The application will accept the CNIC of the eligible individual as the input. The system will send an OTP to the mobile phone of the CNIC holder. The merchant will enter the OTP and the individual will get the subsidy. It will make sure that the subsidy is going to the right hands. 

Around 20 million families will get a subsidy of Rs. 1000 per month on the one-unit purchase of grocery items.

All registered shops have to open a bank account so that the authorities could transfer the subsidy to their accounts. They will also get profit to increase their motivation. 

Except for Sindh and Baluchistan, all other areas of Pakistan will have this service soon available to the public. The government has set an amount of Rs. 120 billion subsidies. The profit and non-profitable organizations can also take a part in funding the Ehsas Rashan Program 

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