How Marham Became No. 1 Online Health Application in Pakistan

Health has been the biggest concern of people around the world especially after the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. People want easy access to healthcare and medical solutions that don’t require a lot of time or stepping out of the home. 

Health has been the biggest concern of people around the world especially after the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. People want easy access to healthcare and medical solutions that don’t require a lot of time or stepping out of the home. 


There is a lot of misinformation and constraints around getting medical treatment in Pakistan. Finding a doctor that provides effective yet affordable treatment is especially the biggest concern. Moreover, people with location boundaries, privacy concerns, and financial issues face extra problems. 

To solve all these issues, Marham decided to launch its mobile app with an aim to make medical treatment more convenient and affordable for everyone. It has been helping people all over Pakistan to stay connected with the best doctors in the country and making treatment accessible at home in minutes. 

The Marham App

What started as a Facebook group is now the number one health services app in Pakistan.


Marham has been ranked as the best medicine app in Pakistan due to its unique features and usability.

It is a highly easy-to-use mobile application available for Android and iPhone users.

Download the Marham App for Apple or Android now!

Features of the Marham App


Some of the amazing features of the Marham app include: 

1. Online Consultations with Top Specialists 

Marham is the first platform to introduce online health services in Pakistan. Over the years, it has onboarded more than hundreds of specialist doctors so people can get treatment for any disease or disorder from the comfort of their homes. You get to have the following benefits while booking your appointments through the Marham app:

  • Best Doctors from All Cities: You can easily find the top specialists from all cities of Pakistan by searching the app.
  • Patient Reviews and Score: The medical specialists receive patient reviews that are available to the public. You can also view the patient satisfaction score of the doctor you wish to consult with.
  • Doctor’s Timings: the Marham app also displays the availability of all doctors throughout the week, so you can select the day and time according to your choice.
  • Accessible: The online consultation service is a fantastic opportunity for people living in remote areas of Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis who wish to consult with the experienced doctors of their country.
  • In-clinic appointments: The Marham also saves you from the hassle of finding doctors’ numbers, timings, hospitals and allows you to book in-clinic appointments with doctors in just a few clicks.

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2. Lab Test Bookings

Another feature of the Marham app is booking your lab tests at discounted rates from the best labs in Pakistan. After selecting a lab, you can choose your prescribed lab test from the list of tests provided on the app in just a minute. This feature allows you to save the time and worry of finding a lab physically and offers the best opportunity to avail discounts. Click here to get up to 20% off on Lab Tests now!

3. Medicine Delivery

The Marham app also offers medicine delivery within 24 hrs to its users at the cheapest rates. All you have to do is enter the names of your prescribed medicines in the form provided on the app and receive your order. Order your medicines now!

4. Information about Hospitals in Pakistan

Marham has information about the top hospitals in all cities of Pakistan; users can find the following details about hospitals through the app:

  • Hospital address
  • Number of doctors
  • Number of beds available
  • COVID-19 services
  • Emergency treatments
  • All departments
  • Doctor’s Fee range
  • Opening Hours

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5. Free Health Forum

The Marham app is a Free Health Forum where you can ask questions related to your health problems, and doctors respond with the solutions without any cost. This is an excellent source of getting health advice and information on diseases and health issues. Ask your questions now to get free advice!

6. Health Blog

Another feature of the app is the health blog, an informational platform for everyone. The articles published here are written by some of the most knowledgeable writers, and the content is medically reviewed to ensure its accuracy. You can increase your knowledge about health issues through this feature and find solutions to a range of problems. Click here to start reading now.

7. Special Offers for Marham Users

Marham believes in making healthcare as affordable as possible for every citizen of Pakistan. To achieve this goal, the Marham app offers discounts on all services from time to time, including free consultations, discounts on lab tests, discounts on hair and skin treatments, and discounts on doctor’s fees. Check out the special offers to get off on treatments.

Get the Marham App Now!

The Marham app has been created to make medical treatment accessible and affordable for every citizen of Pakistan and it has been successfully achieving this goal. So, don’t wait any longer and download the best health app in Pakistan now and have all health care services in the palm of your hand. 

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