How Iftar celebrations vary across Pakistan

As Pakistan is a home to a diverse group of people belonging to various ethnicities, religion etc. there is a wide range of feasts that are eaten at different times of the day to enjoy every sort of meals. This difference in food is a depiction of the diverse yet rich culture of Pakistan and is one of the key aspects that travelers look into while deciding to visit the tourist destinations located in the country.

When talking about food and that too within Pakistan, one cannot forget the delicious delights that are a part of the Iftar meal. This particular meal marks the break of the obligatory fast which Muslims keep from dawn to dusk during the Holy month of Ramadan.

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The cultural hub of Pakistan is known for its finger licking food varieties which will leave you craving for more. During the Iftar time, Lahori dastar khwans are filled with scrumptious local offerings including haleem, Lahori chargha, murgh cholay and pakoray, etc. You can head out to various food streets in Lahore including Gawalmandi Food Street and Fort Road Food Street to enjoy delicious Iftar with your loved ones.


As the largest metropolitan city of Pakistan, Karachi is a home to various ethnic groups with diversity of different cuisines, that is also eminent for the busiest city.  From traditional varieties of channa chaat, fruit chaat, samosa and pakora to a more urban dining comprising of burgers, pizza and BBQ etc.  You can enjoy scrumptious deals at The Sauce, Pizza Max, etc., All these eateries will certainly make you feel at home during iftar time in Karachi. Among many famous food places, Burns Road and Port Grand are a must visit places to enjoy a diverse yet rich food platters.


Apart from being famous for being wealthy in terms of culture and traditions and natural resources, Quetta is also well known for its cuisine which is mostly prepared from the meat of lamb and goat. While visiting the city during the month of Ramadan, you can treat your stomach for abstaining from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk by eating Khadda Kebab, Rosh, Khurad Marai and Sajji, etc. during Iftar. Shrumbay is a soothing combination and the best companion of all that delicious food that you gobbled down which is a very sour variation of Lassi. A must with whatever feast you plan to enjoy in Quetta.


The beautiful capital city of the KPK province will take your taste buds on a mesmerizing ride of finger licking iftar comprising of Kabuli Pulao, Pekhteh, Chopan Kebab, Chapli Kebab and Namkeen Gosht, etc. You can even visit the Namakmandi Food Street in Peshawar to create Tikka memories that will stay with you forever.