How Digital Marketing is driving Conventional Marketing

Digital Marketing becomes a driving force for Conventional Advertising


Slowly but surely internet has become a part of our daily lives, to the point that access to internet was deemed a basic human right by the United Nations. Becoming the powerhouse that it is; the notion that anyone around the globe can see your work without paying any extra fee is what gives digital marketing an edge over conventional marketing.IMG-20160215-WA0002

Digital marketing has evolved to a point where companies often don’t really spend a big amount on conventional sources anymore and simply convert their digital campaigns into billboards. Recently, a great example of this was observed when Shezan used the content which was designed for them by Bramerz for their online marketing on billboards across the city. To some, what Shezan did might seem a bit unconventional as the content was not designed for actual billboards. But, this is just one of the ways through which companies are providing ease and convenience by their digital agencies. Similarly, this attempt to translate their cover photos into actual billboards show how digital marketing has managed to turn the tables from a point when digital content is valued more than an entire conventional ad campaign.IMG-20160215-WA0001

The way things are progressing, who knows there might be a time when conventional marketing would be driven by digital campaigns rather than the other way around.

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