How could a plane fly over Leeds Cricket Ground carrying anti-Pakistan banner without permission of local authorities?


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Islamabad must raise the issue with authorities of the United Kingdom regarding a plane flying over Leeds Cricket Ground while carrying an anti-Pakistan banner on June 29, 2019.

The incident took place during Pak-Afghan Cricket World Cup 2019 Match at Leeds, in which Pakistan cliched a three-wicker victory in a nail-biter.

In a talk show “Khabar Kay Saath Saath” anchored by Wadah Shuja on Monday at PTV News, senior journalists demanded Pakistan Foreign Office to take the issue with the government of United Kingdom as well as with the International Cricket Council (ICC) authorities.

Shahzad Anwar Farooqi, while commenting on an aircraft flying over Leeds carrying an anti-Pakistan during the Pakistan-Afghanistan match, said that Afghanistan always consider Pakistan as a nation they ruled in the past and their behavior was obnoxious during the cricket match and even Pakistanis were not allowed to perform prayers in mosques by the Afghan people. He stated that Pakistan devoted the Country, economy and society to accommodate Afghans in early 80s but their (Afghans) behaviour is contemptuous towards Pakistan and Pakistani nation.

Khabar Kay Saath Saath” anchored by Wadah Shuja on Monday at PTV News
Khabar Kay Saath Saath” anchored by Wadah Shuja at PTV News

He stated that majority of players of Afghan Cricket teams had Pakistani passports in the past but they were behaving as Pakistan was their enemy.

He was of the view that beating Pakistanis outside Leeds Cricket Ground and raising anti-Pakistan slogans in the ground must be taken seriously, and Pakistan should revisit its policy towards Afghanistan and Afghan refugees.

Meanwhile, senior journalist and editor of a news agency, Asim Rana was of the view that the people of Afghanistan should not be considered as anti-Pakistan but there are some elements and these elements must be snubbed. He stated that enemies of Pakistan are trying to use Afghans against Pakistan.

Asim Rana was of the view that it was religious duty of Pakistan to accommodate Afghan brothers when they were in trouble during the Afghan Jihad, and the Afghan people should consider Pakistan as their brother.

While talking history of Pak-Afghan relations, senior regional analyst Agha Iqrar Haroon stated that Pak-Afghan relations had been a blend of both love and hate, and Afghanistan had always been hostile towards Pakistan since the latter came into being.

Agha Iqrar Haroon stated that a mindset had been promoted in Afghanistan which is against Pakistan and historically Afghanistan never stood with Pakistan rather it stood always against Pakistan.

The senior regional analyst said that Pakistan government must take the issue of authorities of the United Kingdom that how an areophane could fly over Leeds with an anti-Pakistan banner?

He stated that Pakistan Foreign Office should call the UK High Commission to the Foreign Office and should tender protest about this incident.

Agha Iqrar Haroon stated that it is (was) impossible that UK authorities including their intelligence agencies had no information beforehand that a plane would fly over Leeds Cricket Ground having an anti-Pakistan banner.

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