Hopeless Baloch Militants Resort to Suicide Bombings

OpinionHopeless Baloch Militants Resort to Suicide Bombings

By Iftikhar Hussain Jazib

Baloch dissident leaders have been exposed for their self-contradictory propaganda campaign on the social media, proving their malicious and deceptive nature. They are found glorifying terrorist outfits like Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), supporting inhuman and criminal exploitation of Shari Baloch and Sumaiya Baloch for suicide attacks, and on the other hand, they generate fake stories of enforced disappearances of Baloch students. As security forces have neutralised most of the networks of terrorists in Balochistan, the marginalised Baloch militant groups could only perpetrate low intensity attacks, therefore, they have resorted to suicide attacks as a sign of weakness. The psychiatrists suggest that hopeless individuals with complete loss of self-worth commit suicide, likewise, use of suicide bombings is the result of feelings of defeat and desperation among Baloch terrorist outfits.


Modern medical science treats suicide as a mental ailment in humans and it is finding cure to prevent it. Psychiatrists believe that survival instinct is so strong that humans are intuitive to life threatening situations and they do everything to escape death. On the other hand, complete mess of mind structure lead to suicide attempts. Such behaviour is socially unacceptable, family members, friends and other people tend to help the suicidal person to save his life. Against this backdrop, exploiting a human for suicide bombing could only be a handiwork of a person with dark psychological mind-set.

Baloch dissident leaders are living luxurious lives in European countries and they have become indifferent to Baloch values, as a normal human being cannot glorify a suicide attack by a women like Shari Baloch, who was also a mother. In April 2022, BLA exploited her for attack on Confucius Institute in University of Karachi. Admitting the responsibility for suicide explosion in which 3 Chinese teachers were killed, BLA made sickening praises for her. Psychologists say a person commit suicide in a trance feeling worthless to live, but Shari has a reason to live for her children and her family also need her.

Going by traditions, a Baloch mother cannot even think of abandoning her children, Shari was mentally disturbed, either she were herself intimidated or she was facing threats regarding her children by the militants for suicide attack. In addition, THE case of Shari has also exposed the anarchists for their tactics to misuse peaceful Baloch Youth for their nefarious designs. Like every educated Baloch person, Shari had received a good education in Balochistan and she had got a good teaching job. Furthermore, she belong to well settle prosperous family and her near relatives hold good government positions in Balochistan.

Terrorism is unacceptable everywhere in the world as it is inherently anti-people tactic of fear and intimidation, not tolerable for a rational, peaceful mind, and forcing a woman for suicide bombing is the worst form of exploitation in this regard. In another female suicide attack, BLA targeted security forces in Turbat on 24 June 2023. Claiming the responsibility for the blast, BLA once again glorify female suicide bomber, Sumaiya Baloch, giving her motive to avenge missing persons in her family. It is a usual tactic of the anarchists, under the garb of campaign against enforced disappearances, they are supporting those elements who were responsible for the terrorist attacks. Moreover, many missing persons are victims of the oppression of anarchist, either they had become absconder after involvement in terrorism or they are the victims of terrorism.

Baloch people are very protective regarding their women, the way Shari and Sumaiya were exploited for suicide attacks is sickening for them as it is against the norms and culture of a Baloch society. It is well-known that Baloch is modest community and male respect the woman. Indeed, Baloch folktales and traditions are pleading with high concerns for safety and respect for the women. Even female foreign tourists are found narrating pleasant experience that in Balochistan they did not face usual stares by men in the streets. Hence, Baloch militants’ misuse of women for terrorist activities is against their sanctity as mothers, sisters wives and daughters in Baloch culture and social norms.

The heinous exploitation of female suicide bombers by BLA indicates that militants’ capacity to attract more men for recruitment has been degraded. It demonstrates that youth of Balochistan is becoming increasingly aware and they do not support dissident leaders for their foreign ties and Indian sponsorship. Moreover, the exploitation of female recruits for terrorism assist militant leaders to cover-up their unlawful activities in the society. Women are often exempted from physical search, hence they are very effective for moving explosive materials. In addition, the presence of female members in a terrorist hideout gives it an appearance of a normal household, avoiding suspicion. Therefore, Baloch militants have resorted to exploitation of females for terrorist activities in complete disregard to Baloch values.

Finally, as Suicide is unlawful in Islam, the rate of incidents of Suicide is very low in Muslim communities, while rest of the world is struggling with this problem. The glorification of suicide attacks is blatant violation of Islamic teachings, therefore, around 6 thousand Muftis have declared terrorism and suicide bombings “Haram” in a Fatwa, Paigham-e-Pakistan. The youth must consult this edict and they should condemn terrorist leaders and suicide attacks on social media forums in the light of true teachings of Quran-o-Sunnat. Specially, Baloch youth and students should ignore depressing propaganda of hopeless militants who promote desperation and suicide in Balochistan.

M.Phil international Relations from Quaid-e-Azam University, the writer is a freelance contributor.



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