Honda U-GO Scooty Price, Specs And More Info



Honda U-GO Scooty

In the world of cars, there is also a convenient means of transport for everyone which is scooty. The world is moving towards environmentally friendly means of transport thus we are going to have electric cars. This article will discuss Honda U-GO Scooty. This scooty is an electric scooter (E-Scooter). The Chinese arm, Wuyang Honda has launched Honda U-GO Scooty in China. 

Variants of Honda U-GO Scooty

Honda U-GO Scooty

The company has launched two variants of the e-scooters. One has a hub motor of 1.2 kWh with a top speed of 53 km/h. While the other has a motor of 0.8 kWh with a top speed of 43 km/h. These scooters will have 1.44 kW lithium-ion batteries. The drivers can double the battery capacity by installing a battery pack of bigger sizes. 

Honda U-GO Scooty

The scooty will also have a 26-liter capacity storage space under the seat where the passenger can keep their belongings. Riders can keep their helmet or small luggage inside instead of hanging them on the handles which are quite inconvenient. 


The shape of the Honda U-GO Scooty is very convenient for everyone. The compact design is friendly for the urban community. The minimalistic shape can make its way through traffic and it is quite affordable than cars in terms of price and traffic. In the crowded urban cities of Pakistan, these compact scooters will easily make their way to their destination. 


The price of this scooter is officially launched in china that is equal to USD 1,150 to USD 1,233. The Chinese market is expanding in the sales of scooters because they are high in demand because of economical and environmentally friendly. The company is also planning to expand its market from China to countries like Pakistan and India. The trend of Scooty for girls in Pakistan is rapidly increasing. So, we can speculate that this model will be a success. It will also open up ways for the competitors to enter the e-scooters market in Pakistan. 

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