Honda Civic Smart Card Key Feature Arrives in Pakistan



Honda Civic Smart Card Key

Honda Civic 2022 is around the corner and fans are excited about what is coming ahead. The earlier model of the Honda Civic gathered unexpected praises from the audience. This upcoming one is also set to make an impact on the sedan market. It will probably come to the market at the end of February 2022 or by the middle of March 2022. Along with this launch date, we have another good news for you. Now, the coming model will have Honda Civic Smart Card Key which is an innovative feature in Pakistan. But, still, we need to wait for the final verdict of launch by the company to get our hands on this beauty.

If you are troubled through the thoughts about how this Honda Civic Smart Card Key will work, here is everything you need to know. We will inform you about the mechanism, pros and cons so you do not need to hassle with the smart card.

What Is a Honda Civic Smart Card Key?

Honda Civic Smart Card Key

Honda Civic Smart Card Key is going to be an amazing feature in the future of sedans. This feature is currently available in Thailand and Indonesia variants. It assimilates the Key Fob/ Keyless entry. By using this, you will not need any keys to enter your car. All you need to do is have this card in your pocket so you can easily get inside the car. After getting inside, you will press the Push/Start Button and drive your way without using any key. 

This Digital Card works the same as a Key Fob but is shaped as a card. According to the dimensions, the length and width equal the size of your CNIC. While the thickness is around 3-4 millimetres which is equal to the size of two credit cards. 


You can easily put the card in your wallet without worrying about losing it. It will stay safe in your pocket or wallet because of its efficient design. Another benefit is that the card has space for the traditional key. You need to drag the top of the card and the key will come out. 

Honda Civic is not the first company to use this technique. But, Honda Atlas is definitely the first to introduce it in the Pakistani market. 


Honda Civic Smart Card Key

The usage of Smart Cards is limited to space and features. Unlike the Key Fob, this card could not be used from a distance. Key Fob allows the drivers to lock and unlock the car and control the car windows. But with the Honda Civic Smart Card Key, you can only enter the car and could not perform any other functions. So, if you need to have a Key Fob with you for all those features, what is the point of having this card? 

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