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Honda City Installment Plans

Due to inflation in Pakistan sedans have become too pricey for buyers to afford. They can’t make the whole payment upfront for cars, especially like Honda City. So many banks are providing easy installment plans. With Meezan Bank the buyers can get from 1 year to 7 years of Honda City installment plans.


Honda City Installment Plans

Honda City 2023 is a preferred option for buyers who want to drive a reliable and decent sedan in Pakistan. It is available in 5 different variants you can either purchase it with manual or automatic transmission.

The buyer can choose between the 1.5 CVT and 1.5 Aspire which has a 1495cc engine and the 1.2 LS variant has a 1199cc petrol engine.

Honda City is always a good option to buy because of the fuel economy this car has a fuel capacity of 40 L with mileage between 17.8 to 24.1 KM/L depending on the situation which is quite good.

Although there are 5 different variants of Honda City 1.5 CVT is highly demanded in Pakistan so we present you with an easy and riba-free Honda City installment plan for 2023.

Honda City Installment Plans 

Honda City Installment Plans

EquityPriceDown Payment+ Processing FeeTotal UpfrontMonthly Instalment
15%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 832,350Rs. 834,850Rs. 200,602
20%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 1,109,800Rs. 1,112,300Rs. 198,571
25%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 1,387,250Rs. 1,389,750Rs. 178,540
30%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+  Rs. 1,664,700Rs. 1,667,200Rs. 167,508
35%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 1,942,150Rs. 1,944,650Rs. 156,477
40%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 2,219,600Rs. 2,219,600Rs. 145,446
45%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 2,497,050Rs. 2,499,550Rs. 134,414
50%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 2,774,500Rs. 2,777,000Rs. 123,383


  • It is a halal auto financing in Pakistan that is based on affordable  Islamic Shariah. 
  • The applicant can get the car with a minimum upfront payment of 15% of the actual price of the vehicle.
  • This service is given to Roshan Digital account holders.

This Honda City installment plan may change with time according to the change in the price of the vehicle. If you want to select a plan for a different duration or for another model, you can use Meezan Bank Car Ijarah Calculator or visit any nearest branch.

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