Honda CG 125 Review – Drive, Maintenance, and Fuel Average

Atlas Honda is the leading motorbike brand in the country. The company has reaped the fruits of its success across all major as well as small areas of Pakistan. This success is backed by two of the company’s most popular bike models – Honda CD 70 and Honda CG 125. We have seen many bike users questioning the reliability, fuel average, and maintenance of Honda CG 125. Is this powerful bike suitable for those looking to upgrade from 70cc bikes? Today, we will cover a brief Honda CG 125 review to answer these questions. Let’s get started.

Honda CG 125 Review

Honda CG 125 review


If you are planning to upgrade your bike from 70cc or 100cc to 125cc, Honda CG 125 is undeniably the best choice in the market. Talking about the performance, the CG 125 never fails to impress with its power output. If you like to ride at speed, this is the bike for you. While this may be true, it is important to know that the CG 125 is relatively hard to control. So you may need to be very cautious driving it.


When it comes to maintenance, you will have to forget your CD 70 practices. This means that you need to get your bike tuned within the right time. If you take it easy and keep driving it without periodic maintenance, you are most likely going to be very unhappy. The CG 125 requires on-time maintenance checks. Moreover, the cost of the oil change, air filter, and other engine parts are higher compared to 100cc or 70cc bikes.

Fuel Average

If you are upgrading from CD 70, the fuel average of Honda CG 125 can disappoint you. The 125cc engine is capable of offering a 35Km/L fuel average. With the increasing prices of petrol in Pakistan, you may have to take a bitter sip in this regard.

Reliability and Resale

It goes without saying that Honda CG 125 is among the most-liked and most-demanded bikes in the country. Owing to this status, you will never have to worry about the resale value of your bike. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, if you periodically maintain your bike, it is going to offer you a lot of reliability.

Click on the link below to find the complete specs, features, and price of Honda CG 125.

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We hope our Honda CG 125 review helps you make your decision wisely.


What is the fuel average of Honda CG 125 2021?

The fuel average of Honda CG 125 is 35Km/L.

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