Honda CD 70: Maintenance and Servicing

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Honda CD 70 has been one of the most popular motorcycles in the country since it’s inception in the ’80s. Due to its durability, reliable engine, easy maintenance and the best resale value. It is everyone’s go-to choice when it comes to a two-wheeler ride. Today we look closely at the critical aspects of maintaining and servicing your CD 70. This is Honda CD 70 maintenance and servicing guide.CD70 maintenance and servicing


Quick Overview


A 72cc engine displacement with a 4-stock single-cylinder OHC air-cooled engine powers it. Generating a maximum horsepower of 5700 rpm and 500 rpm torque delivers maximum fuel economy and emits less smoke. It has a top speed of 97 kilometres per hour. Honda CD 70’s fuel tank capacity is 8.5 litres (1.0 litres in reserve). It gives you an average mileage of 60 kilometres per litre. Specifications are as follows:

Engine4-Stroke OHC Air Cooled
Displacement72 cm3
Bore & Stroke47.0 x 41.4 mm
Compression Ratio9.3:1
ClutchMultiple Wet Plates
Transmission4 Speed Constant Mesh
StartingKick Start
FrameBackbone Type
Dimension(LxWxH)1897 x 751 x 1014 mm
Ground Clearance136 mm
Petrol Capacity8.5 Liters (Reserve: 1.0 Liter)
Tire at Front2.25 – 17 (4 PR)
Tire at Back2.50 – 17 (4 PR)
Dry Weight82kg



CD 70: Maintenance & Servicing


We will break down this section to shed light on several aspects. Remember that maintenance refers to the exterior, while servicing is for the internal mechanisms.


It would be best if you visited a Honda service center as they are trained professionals by Atlas Honda themselves. But do not fall into the “mechanic’s trap”. It’s when they tell you to get an oil change and tune up after every 1000km. There is no reason to do that unless you plan to pay your mechanic every month.

According to experts, engine oil should be changed after at least 1500km. The recommended oil for CD 70 is 20w40. Tuning can be taken care of after 2000-3000km. That, too, is only if you feel a change in the motorbike’s performance. Some experts have even reported not having a tune-up even after 7000km. It all depends on how you ride.

You do not have to change your air filter whenever you visit the service centre. Air filter change is applicable after 3000km. If you call before this interval, ask your mechanic to clean the filter with an air gun.


Maintaining a CD 70 is not a difficult job. If you inspect the following timely, I promise you your CD 70 will last you a lifetime.

Lubricate the chain every 500km. That goes for brakes and levers as well. Keep a check on the air pressure in the tires. Too much or too less affects the fuel economy. Check battery status regularly. If need be, get it charged, so the lights don’t dim.

Make sure to check the rubber rings inside the tappet covers as they prevent leakage from the engine, which can leave stains that are impossible to remove. Keep your motorbike clean and dry. This will save the paint job and prevent rusting. You can also opt for paint protection films.

Pro Tip

During winter, when you start your motorbike, let the engine run for a few minutes before riding. This helps the engine to warm up and the oil to gain viscosity.



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