Honda CD 70 2022 Is Here With MANY New Changes

Honda CD 70 needs no introduction among bike users in Pakistan. When it comes to reliability, quality, and market value, Honda CD 70 clearly takes the lead on the charts. While many Honda lovers showed concerns regarding the rapidly increasing prices of the bikes in Pakistan, it doesn’t stop them from making a statement with the new model. This time, Atlas Honda has not only introduced a new CD 70 but also brought many new changes to the bike. Let’s have a look at the Honda CD 70 2022 and find out what are the many changes in the new bike claimed by the makers.

Honda CD 70 2022 Overview

As per the company’s official word, the new Honda CD 70 2022 comes with a total of 101 changes. Out of these, 43 changes are in the engine department whereas 58 changes are in the frame of the bike. While this is yet to be practically figured out, we have gathered a list of all the major changes you can expect in the new CD 70.

Honda CD 70 2022

Here are the changes you can enjoy in Honda CD 70 2022.

Low Friction Piston Rings

One of the major changes in the new model is the use of Chromium Nitride (first ring) and Hard Chrome Coating Oil Ring (second ring). Moreover, the use of Oval Crown Piston makes the performance more efficient than before.

Higher Compression Ratio

Another change is the higher compression ratio accomplished by using High-Temperature Resistance with New Combustion Chamber Design.

Increased Displacement

The enhanced thickness of the engine sleeves with bigger fins is designed to accomplish increased displacement.

New Clutch Assembly

The new CD 70 comes with a new clutch assembly. You can expect better clutch friction for an improved drive experience.

Cylinder Head

The new model has increased the thickness of the cylinder studs with bigger fins allowing an improved heat exchange.

Seat Assembly

When it comes to the comfort of the driver, the new Honda CD 70 has featured an environment-friendly seat setup.

New Stickers

The most obvious change will be in the sticker design of the new bike. So, if you had complaints about the previously designed stickers, you may like the new ones.

For now, these are all the details that we have for you. If you want to buy Honda CD 70 2022, stay tuned to find out more details about the bike and its price in Pakistan.


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