Check and Pay Your Wapda LESCO Bill Online

Now You Can Pay Your Electricity Bills Online

This post is to notify the general public that Wapda has integrated live bill support. On their website, customers of Lesco, K-electric or Pepco can easily check their Lesco bill online. Considering the recent tech development in Pakistan, the government sector along with the private sector has excelled in their relevant fields. Even the Government sector has taken Technology seriously.

Wapda, along with other major public institutions has focused on its technological advancements. And improved their customer support too.  Although Lesco website is not up to the mark as per industry standards still it’s pretty useful.

Why Online Billing?

Maybe online billing is an added service but with added cost that goes out of the pocket of the general public. But online billing is a need of the time. There are numerous places in Pakistan where electricity bills are not delivered on time and such customers can use this service to check their bill online and print it for payment purposes. Wapda fully recognizes the print version for payment and bank purposes. Even the customers can issue a duplicate bill from Lesco’s website.

How to check your Bill? Wapda Online Bill

All you have to do it click the link below and browse the Lesco website and navigate to online bill page and enter your reference number. After entering your reference number, kindly press “Enter” to proceed for the bill. The database will fetch and generate the latest month’s bill and you can print the copy of the bill or check your electricity bill.Wapda Bill Online

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Maybe this video will help you as well

Click here to check your check your bill

Recommendations for Website
There is another option on LESCO’s website which allows all the customers to drop their suggestions in client feedback form which will help LESCO to improvise their services or website layout regarding the relevant client feedback.



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