Health Warning in Karachi: What You Can Do as a Citizen?

Earlier last month, a wave of horror spread over Karachi when Monsoon caused the city to flood with sewage water. It was an urban disaster as biohazardous material started washing up on the shore. Not only this, a swarm of flies also covered the city and the citizens saw the actual Monsoon hell on earth.

What were the health impacts?

As soon as the sewage water flooded the city of Karachi with heavy pours of monsoon the hospitals started getting filled with gastro patients. According to a local news source, the number of stomach patients rose up to almost 300 percent in the city of Karachi. Almost all the hospitals received more than 150 patients per day.

Not only diarrhea and gastro, hepatitis also made a comeback in this difficult time and the number of reported cases is increasing every day. Unfortunately, a case of Congo virus has also come to light in all this fiasco. Karachi surely is on high alert for human health and is in desperate need for some relief.

What needs to be done?

The only solution to Karachi’s situation is a mass cleaning drive. Even though the sewage system cannot be fixed in just one day but pressure tanks can be used to get rid of all the flood water. Flies and mosquitoes have swamped the city and thus urgent sprays are required to get rid of them since these creatures are acting as host for many diseases and spreading them at a rapid pace. Cleaning drive will help in doing away with influx of mosquitos, flies, and other bugs that lead to numerous epidemics and health conditions.

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What are your duties as a citizen?

As a citizen of Karachi, it is your duty that you do not add to the mess. Properly dispose off all the trash of your house and if possible clean out your residential area with the help of locals. Although the government is supposed to provide the labor but your own health is at stake thus you should also participate in. Secondly, make sure your house and offices have regular cleaning drive and anti-bacterial sprays, particularly after the rain.

Moreover, if you start experiencing any symptoms of a disease, you should rush to the hospital as soon as possible since it is highly likely that it is something serious and can get worse given the condition of the city.



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