Hassan Immad Mohammedi appointed MD PTV. Former MD Arshad Khan may be adjusted after creating a new post within PTV

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Hassan Immad Mohammedi has been appointed as the Managing Director of Pakistan Television Corporation (PTVC), replacing Arshad Khan.

Prior to being assigned the new task, Hassan Immad Mohammedi was serving as the Director Admin and Personnel in Pakistan Television Corporation.

Mr. Hassan Immad Mohammedi, Director Admin and Personnel, PTVC is assigned look after charge of the post and Managing Director, PTVC with immediate effect and until further orders. The order of acting charge of Mr. Arshad Khan as Managing Director, PTVC, dated 07.11.2018 is hereby withdrawn,” said a notification issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of Pakistan on Thursday.Hassan Immad Mohammedi appointed MD PTV

Sources privy to the information ministry that the appointment of Arshad Khan as the managing director PTV was against all rules.

They said that the Secretary and whole Ministry told Prime Minister Imran Khan that his appointment was wrong.

Sources in Information Ministry believe that modus operandi for appointing former MD Arshad khan was contrary to rules and procedure because he was first appointed as the Chairman of PTV Board and then same board appointed its Chairman as the MD PTV.

It is pertinent to mention that Chairman PTV is an honorary post having no financial benefits like salary, perks and privileged a way was opted for benefiting Arshad Khan by appointing him MD as MD post has all perks and privileged. Sources said that he was drawing a monthly salary of over 2 million.

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His appointment was contested by PTV Employee Union and he was physically barred to attend the office and was operating from his home since last three months.

Sources also believe that Prime Minister Imran Khan may find some other way to readjust him in PTV and there is possibility of creating a new post within existing organogram of  organisation to adjust him within PTV.