Harley Davidson 2021 in Pakistan – All Bike Models with Details Revealed!

Harley Davidson 2021 in Pakistan - Features, details, images, and much more! Check out now.

Harley Davidson 2021 in Pakistan - All Bike Models with Details Revealed!

Harley Davidson 2021 in Pakistan - All Bike Models with Details Revealed!


Who doesn’t know about Harley Davidson? the company is known for making world-class motorbikes across the globe. You may have seen some Harley Davidson bikes in Pakistan before. However, with the new year getting closer, we have got you all the details of Harley Davidson 2021 in Pakistan. You can have a look at all the models available in the country with the pricing details.

Harley Davidson 2021 in Pakistan

We value our local Harley Davidson bike fans and have gathered all the important details of the bike models. For those who do not know, Harley Davidson is the motorbike crush for youngsters as well as adults for many decades. The classy bikes have always been the center of attention across the globe. Although the bikes market in Pakistan has limited options for upscale bike brands to succeed, Harley Davidson has successfully established its presence in urban cities like Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore.

If you want to find out the details and images of the Harley Davidson 2021 in Pakistan, this article can help you develop a familiarity with the list of all the bikes offered by the company. The powerful engine combined with driving luxury delivers an ultimate bike experience to the motorbike riders.

Harley Davidson 2021 in Pakistan – Price of Models


By now, many Harley Davidson bikes have arrived in Pakistan. Most of the bike owners belong to the business community and upscale residents. Foe those interested in knowing about the price details of Harley Davidson bikes in Pakistan, the following list contains the bike name and cost.

Harley Davidson Street 750 1,153,42 PKR
Harley Davidson Iron 883 1,997,424 PKR
Harley Davidson Fat Boy 3,936,420 PKR
Harley Davidson Forty-Eight 2,289,572 PKR
Harley Davidson Fat Bob 3,179,000 PKR


Harley Davidson Street 750

Harley Davidson 2021 in Pakistan - All Bike Models with Details Revealed!

Harley Davidson Iron 883


Harley Davidson Iron 883

Harley Davidson Fat Boy

Harley Davidson 2021 in Pakistan - All Bike Models with Details Revealed!

Harley Davidson Forty-Eight

Forty Eight

Harley Davidson Fat Bob

Fat Boy

If you are looking to start your new year with an exciting bike venture, Harley Davidson is the choice you can absolutely make.

Built and Body Design

The Harley Davidson 2021 bikes come with a variety of great features. The standard bikes are powered by the 821 cm3 Testastretta twin-cylinder engine. Apart from this, the engine is capable of producing the maximum power output of 113 hp and a 10% increase in torque.

The twin-cylinder is combined with the attachment of the steel tube Trellis frame. On the whole, the Harley Davidson 2021 reflects an intelligent and aggressive bike design capable of competing in all riding domains. The built is very solid and the good material quality speaks for itself. Harley Davidson is indeed a sign of perfection when it comes to a comfortable and powerful bike experience. The twin-exhaust is designed with dynamic engineering to showcase brilliance. From the headlight to the rear wheel, the Harley Davidson 2021 in Pakistan will surely be the center of attention for motorbike fans.

Other Details

The bike comes with a dry weight of about 82kgs. If we talk about the fuel tank capacity, the bike houses an 8-liters fuel tank that can take you a long way down the roads. Moreover, the clutch type is a wet multi-plate technique as compared to most of the other bikes of the category. The bore and stroke of the bike are about 47.0 x 41.4 mm.

Looking at the tires, we can find the front wheel size to be approximately 2.25 – 17. On the other hand, the back tire size is about 2.50 – 17. The overall dimensions of the bike are estimated to be 1897 (l x w x h) all along with the ground clearance of 136mm. One of the highlights of the bike is fuel efficiency so you can plan long routes to travel without the tension of fuel average.

Harley Davidson 2021 in Pakistan – Features List

The standard and highlighted features of Harley Davidson 2021 in Pakistan are listed below:

  • Industrial minimal styling makes it add up to the bold appearance
  • The frame is light in weight and has been set to mix tubular and pressed steel
  • 41mm USD front forks all along with the irregular-cross section steel swingarm are part of it
  • It features the radial-mount 4-piston caliper and hubless 296mm floating front disc

Other details of the models will be revealed as soon as we get more information for our readers.

Spec-Sheet of Harley Davidson 2021

If you are looking to find the specs of the new Harley Davidson, we have got you all covered. Here, we have compiled the list of specs included in the famous bike so you can review it before you plan to buy it. Have a look:

  • It has four-stroke, two valves, and air-cooled with SOHC engine compatibility.
  • It is all put into the mediums of the displacement that is about 100cc.
  • It has a compression ratio of about 8.8:1. You will even encounter with the transmission that is 4 manual speed and continuous as from the forward.
  • You will even be catching it with the involvement of the clutch feature of manual wet multi-plate.

Harley Davidson is undeniably the most wanted bike in the country. Whether it comes to young boys or aged adults, Harley Davidson never fails to impress the fans with ultimate design, super performance, and a comfortable riding experience.

For more details about the new bike models, stay tuned as we update more information.

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